10 bizarre true stories that should have been made into movies, according to Reddit

Elizabeth Banks’ latest film, cocaine bear, Inspired by the wild true story of an American black bear who swallowed a whole bag of cocaine. The story itself, of a bear dying of an overdose after taking 75 pounds’ worth of narcotics, seemed like an interesting story to make for a local paper, but Banks thought it had enough ground to make a feature.

So what other crazy and quirky true stories make for a fun movie? The folks on Reddit seem to have some ideas for something that could be turned into a hilarious movie.

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Christopher Lee’s Wartime Service

Renowned Hammer Film actor and famed power metal singer Sir Christopher Lee has certainly had an interesting career in the entertainment industry, but he is also known for his service in World War II. Sir Lee is not an ordinary soldier in the RAF, but an intelligence liaison officer for a special operations executive.

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Lee’s actions during the war can only be described as something ripped from an Ian Fleming novel. Indeed, as an international spy, Lee helped the Allies gather intelligence on campaigns throughout Africa and Italy. He would eventually retire in 1946, but not before he was tasked with hunting down Nazi war criminals and being prosecuted. Redditor foowop15 says his life from spy to Dracula actor will be amazing for viewers as a “TV miniseries”.

Choi Eun-hee and Shin Sang-ok kidnapped

South Korean actress Choi Eun-hee and her then-ex-husband, film director Shin Sang-ok, are considered two of the biggest names in the Korean film industry. That fame would soon bring them to the attention of the famous movie lover and tyrant Kim Jong-il.

In 1978, the pair were kidnapped on the orders of the future North Korean leader and then forced to make films to help boost the North Korean film industry. Redditor OneManFreakShow came up with this crazy story because they thought it was a fascinating one. A story about an entertaining power couple being forced to make a movie by an authoritarian regime seems like the type of story that audiences find it hard to believe. But it did happen, as the couple were “forced to make a promotional film for eight years” and ended up escaping to the US embassy in Vienna.

Jeanne de Cresson’s Journey of Revenge

One Redditor mentioned the private life of a despised widow on the Channel coast in the 14th century, and suggested “Tarantino or Park Chan-wook” as director. Jeanne de Clisson was a French aristocrat whose husband was executed for allegedly spying for Britain.

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Vowing to avenge the French royal family, she struck a deal with the British royal family to help her form a fleet that would set sail to plunder any French ships. For 13 years, the ships of the Brittany Lioness have wreaked havoc in the English Channel. Incredibly, the boats are all painted black with red sails hanging from the masts, giving it a “Black Widow” aesthetic.

Radioactive Boy Scouts

Growing up in the business district of Michigan, David Hahn developed a keen interest in chemistry and nuclear physics. Hahn, a member of the Boy Scouts, would receive a badge of honor for his research into atomic energy. In a lab he built himself, though, David would secretly create a neutron source in his backyard. Hahn eventually earned the rank of Eagle Scout shortly after the EPA cleaned his house.

David Hahn and his backyard experiments were brought up by various Redditors to be the perfect story that could one day be adapted into a movie. While one Redditor felt the story sounded like “Zero Conflict,” David Hahn’s story, unfortunately, did end in tragedy. After the experiment made him famous, he went through all kinds of hardships that led him into a state of depression and drug addiction that eventually cost him his life.

Guinan, Texas: Queen of Nightclubs

When most people hear about the Prohibition era, they usually associate it with big names and assets, from Al Capone to the great gatsby. But for a decade, a single amendment has created a landscape where many people profit off alcohol contraband and take risks.

One figure who saw value during Prohibition was the Waco native, famous actress and entrepreneur Texan Guinan. Guinan has used her fame and talent to open a series of speakeasies catering to famous clients looking for some hospitality. She is able to provide and serve those who wish to reintegrate into the nightlife again. Time and time again, she would find her club broken up by the police, and then immediately reopen. Redditor AnticitizenPrime made the remarkable connection when discussing the Queen of Nightclubs, “So maybe it’s not a coincidence that Whoopi Goldberg’s bartender on Star Trek is named Guinan?”

night witch takes off

“A story about witches of the night would be cool,” Chronicdoodler said of the subject of a potential film. The 588th Night Bomber Regiment was an all-female bomber unit. Nicknamed the “Witches of the Night” by the Nazis on the Eastern Front of World War II, this unit would carry out bombing raids on Nazi camps.

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The planes used were basically biplanes from the last world war, but it seemed that technical hurdles were in their favor. The pilot will fly at low altitude and let the engines idle, allowing the plane to glide with the wind. The noise their planes made at neutral earned them the nickname because the Nazis likened it to a broomstick.

Evariste Galois

In the world of mathematics, there is a theorem that turns field theory problems into group theory (called Galois theory), making them easier to understand. Discovered in the early 19th century, this feat of mathematics alone is astounding, but the people who discovered it lived a much more interesting life.

Évariste Galois was a young mathematical genius and a staunch supporter of the French Revolution of 1830. In post-Napoleonic France, the country saw itself restored to the Bourbon monarchy, so several protests spread across the country, culminating in an open rebellion. In support of the revolution, his firm belief would find him on the wrong track in a duel, and he was killed by his injuries.One Redditor described how the movies of his life turned out to be “an extremely dramatic, exaggerated version” goodwill hunt Set in revolutionary France. “

Armored Train Heist

During the First World War, the Czech Legion was a volunteer force mainly composed of Czechoslovaks and other ethnic groups who sought national self-determination far from the Austrian Empire. During World War I, this unit would work together to assist against the Allied and Bolshevik Russian Civil War.

Their encounter with the Bolsheviks was the reason czarnick123 presented them, as this regiment would find itself in control of “the entire Trans-Siberian Railway” to return home. Legionnaires trapped in the Russian Far East will occupy stations and armored military trains and use them to travel back home through Russia.

Sid Barrett

Syd Barret was the original lead singer of the popular psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. Unfortunately, his overdose on psychedelics and psychedelics would degrade him mentally. His character went through 180 transitions from jovial to withdrawn and isolated.

Redditor epic_banana_soup hinted that his life could have the potential to be a biopic as he was one of the founding members of one of the biggest bands of all time. “It’s a tragic story, and I think it could be made into a movie well,” a Reddit user said of the story.

Ghost Legion

When suggesting the story be made into a movie, one Redditor mentioned various misinformation practices used by the Allies during World War II. According to them, everything from “Operation Gritty” to “Ghost Army” will be a great foundation for “Decent Comedy.”

These appropriate moves were used by the Allies to divert the German defenses from their intended targets in the coming large-scale invasion of Normandy. The Ghost Army unit is a force of 1,100 that “impersonates” other units, using a variety of deception techniques, including audio media, paintings, and inflatable dummies, to deceive the enemy from the action.

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