10 Worst Movie Birthdays

Ideally, a birthday commemorates another age milestone in a person’s life and should be positive. Ironically, however, many movies do the exact opposite. Not only do some films embody happiness and loved ones come together to celebrate, they also effectively spoil birthdays and introduce inappropriate themes and events for parties, such as death, violence and disappointment.

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Since birthdays are often times of joy, the dissonant narrative highlights the shocking and dark nature of anything that happens under these circumstances. Sadly, they also left extremely negative memories for the poor and the audience on this big day.

10 Da Song was hurt twice by the same person on a special day (Parasite)

in the 2019 movie parasite, Park Dae-sung only wanted his birthday cake when he secretly went downstairs in first grade. According to his mother, he saw a ghost that made him twitch. Since the story takes place at the Kim couple’s home in the park, viewers know it’s really Moon Kwang’s husband and not the real ghost.

Later, the park threw a party for Dae Song to celebrate another birthday and his recovery from the trauma. Terrifyingly, this is exactly when Geun-seo begins his rampage and stabs Dae-sung’s art therapist “Jessica” in front of him, as part of the film’s ongoing critique of class status. This sparked another attack by Dae-sung on the day that heralded his recovery – by the same person.

9 Tree was murdered multiple times (Happy Death Day)

tree from happy death day She has been somewhat cynical about her birthday since she shared it with her late mother. But things take a turn for the worse when a masked serial killer chooses to murder her that day. Instead of dying, however, Terry simply wakes up and starts her birthday all over again, while remembering that someone is chasing her.

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Tree has to get through the day over and over, and then inevitably gets killed as she tries to figure out who this person is. While dying in this way is horrific, Terry was lucky and had plenty of opportunities to save her own life before she finally succeeded. Still, it doesn’t make the occasion particularly festive.

8 Nick Remembers Gatsby and Daisy’s Broken Relationship (The Great Gatsby)

Adapted by Baz Luhrman in 2013 the great gatsby, Nick and Gatsby escorted Jordan and Buchanan into New York City, where they rented a room at the Plaza Hotel. Tom confronts his wives Daisy and Gatsby about their affair, and a heated confrontation ensued. After some of Tom’s provocations, sarcastically mocking Gates’ “poor” social status, Gatsby broke out and made physical threats to Tom.

This alienated Daisy and marked the permanent end of her star-studded romance with Gatsby. After the disaster, Nick suddenly remembered that today was his birthday. Things were sure to worsen the same night after the crash, involving Daisy, who was driving, and Tom’s own mistress, Myrtle.

7 Harry’s first and last screen birthdays are inversions of each other (Harry Potter)

exist Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stoneas the battered ward of the Dursleys, Harry Potter He spent his birthday midnight on the floor of a cottage where he painted himself a cake in the dust. Thankfully, Hagrid arrives immediately after uncovering the wizarding world and changing Harry’s future life.

By contrast, Harry’s birthday was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Go downhill. At Bill and Fleur’s wedding reception, Hermione and Ginny plan to surprise Harry with a cake near the end. However, when the Death Eaters infiltrated the party, the fall of the Ministry of Magic cancelled the plan and the three were forced to flee.

6 Auroras are cursed to fall asleep before the sun goes down (Sleeping Beauty)

At her christening, Princess Aurora from Disney sleeping Beauty Cursed by Sleeper to stab her finger and die on her 16th birthday. Merriweather softens it, making it a magical sleep that can break through the kiss of true love. Still, the king and queen allowed the fairies to raise Aurora incognito to prevent the curse.

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But at the last minute, thanks to some bizarre choices, Maleficent was able to allow Aurora to stab herself before the sun set on her 16th birthday. To no avail, Aurora is already heartbroken thanks to her true royal duties being revealed to her and told she will never see Philip again on the same day.

5 Joe loses his wife (Godzilla)

the opening of the 2014 movie Godzilla Setting the plot and setting and Joe Brody’s motivations. Strange seismic activity affected Japan’s Janjira nuclear power plant after his younger son Ford later prepared decorations for his father’s birthday celebration.

As the plant’s supervisor, Joe sent his wife, Sandra, a nuclear regulations consultant, into the plant’s reactors with technicians to find out what went wrong. However, more activity would destabilize the reactor and destroy the plant. Although Joe is waiting for Sandra, he is heartbrokenly forced to close the reactor door before she arrives to prevent radiation leaks. Back then, all Joe could do was watch his wife die in front of him.

4 Divorce and cheating revelations happen on Chris and Miranda’s birthdays (Mrs. Doubtfire)

about catastrophic birthdays, Madame Suspicious There is a duet. Daniel ignores his wife’s request not to throw a party for his son after his son Chris’ poor grades. Unsurprisingly, when Miranda got home, it was a mess with rowdy guests and a rented petting zoo. The resulting argument eventually led to the permanent dissolution of their marriage.

Later, Daniel as Mrs. Doubtfire and his family go to the restaurant where Miranda’s new boyfriend, Stu, wants to celebrate her birthday. Due to a conflicted business meeting, excess alcohol and pettiness, Daniel ends up handing the Heimlich strategy to Stu. In doing so, he accidentally took off his mask, revealing his disguise and terrifying Miranda.

3 Sam’s family completely forgot her birthday (sixteen candles)

Sam Baker sixteen candles It’s not just birthdays that are bad. In fact, her family didn’t address the issue at all. Since her sister’s wedding was the next day, the whole family was consumed by it and they all forgot.

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While Sam ended up getting an individual apology from her parents, the day was filled with misfortune. Sam was kicked out of her room to entertain guests, had to sleep on the sofa, and her grandparents didn’t remember her birthday. Finally, at the school dance, her underwear is shown, and she doesn’t seem to get the attention of her sweetheart.

2 Neglected Max Turns Super Villain (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Max Dillon from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Already lonely and bored, his boss stole his designs for the city grid. The circumstances of his supervillain transformation add to the tragedy of his character. Max is prevented from going home by the same thief boss who wants him to work longer. He explained that today was his birthday, and there was no recognition other than being callous,”Happy birthday. “

Then, after an accident with an electric eel tank, Max accidentally turns into Electro while working overtime. He was obviously scared and confused, and could only endure the taunting and torture for so long. He finally breaks free from the Oscorps, determined to repay the cruelty he’s endured and get people to finally notice him.

jenna ice rink 13 continue 30 Very much wanted to belong to the popular girl of her middle school. The girls use her for homework and compliments, but Jenna still wants her to be Six Chicks’ buddy.

As part of Jenna’s mission to be one of them, she invited them to her 13th birthday party. But after standing there making fun of her best friend Matt’s music choices, lead Tom Tom convinces Jenna to enter the seven-minute closet in heaven and ostensibly get her crush’s kiss. The popular crowd then left, leaving Jenna stingingly behind.

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