11 Honoré launches capsule collection with actress Danielle Brooks

On Wednesday, luxury retailer and brand including size 11 Honoré launched a capsule collection with actress Danielle Brooks.

“Growing up, fashion clothing has always been limited,” Brooks told WWD in an exclusive statement about her interest in working with the company. “Plus fashion has changed a lot since my high school and college days, but now, most Plus fashion is just a ton of fast, cheap low-quality clothing. I knew 11 Honoré would be a great partner because they Focus on quality designer pieces, and they listen to consumers. I asked them to come up with a reasonable price point where we didn’t have to compromise the integrity of the garment, and they did. We also talked about scaling, and we achieved that One point. I believe 11 Honoré will continue to thrive because they really care.”

The collection is personal to her, a collection of clothing she longs to see in her wardrobe.

“I want to give consumers the things I’ve always wanted in smaller designs and styles that they can wear every day,” continued Brooks, who rose to fame on Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black.” An Emmy and Tony nominee (and a Grammy winner), she’s set to play Sophia (replacing her Broadway role) in Blitz Bazawule’s upcoming “Purple” film.

A piece from the new collection by Danielle Brooks.

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“Danielle is very adamant about pushing the sexy element,” says Danielle Williams Eke, design director at 11 Honoré. “For example, traditionally we didn’t have a low neckline like in the ‘Darling Jumpsuit.’ Danielle made a good point in our initial design meeting that we shouldn’t be afraid to push it because at this point, plus-size women There are enough base options to wear these sexy silhouettes.”

“In the past we didn’t always have underwear to support a low back or low cut, but now we do,” Brooks continued. “I want consumers to feel sexy, elegant and sophisticated. I want these looks to take you to any event, whether it’s a girls’ trip, a wedding or a town night.”

Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks was 11 Honore.

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Patrick Herning, founder of 11 Honoré (acquired by Dia & Co.), has always been a Brooks “big fan”: “She was one of the first celebrities we wore. It was a rusty, A pleated Christian Siriano dress. I’ll never forget how beautiful she looked,” he said.

According to Herning, past collaborations have done “very well” for 11 Honoré. “We are delighted to be launching this collection with Danielle and hope it will be the first of many… She embodies everything we strive to be at 11 Honoré. She has the pulse of fashion and worked with her on this collection It’s a huge honor.”

Next, 11 Honoré will announce the global partnership during New York Fashion Week in September, Herning teased.

“We’ve always wanted to bring exciting brands and partnerships to our clients that she couldn’t find anywhere else,” he told WWD. “By continuing to provide her with an incredible fashion experience that fits her perfectly, we demonstrate our commitment to being the best and most innovative retailer and brand, always striving to exceed her fashion expectations.”

Danielle Brooks as 11 Honoré

Danielle Brooks was 11 Honore.

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