12 Outfits Inspired by the Zodiac

Dressing up is fun, and while I’ve never considered myself a “fashion type”, I wanted to challenge myself to try a new style. However, Pay attention to color and texture and The overall aesthetic was a challenge for me – I knew I wasn’t alone. Fortunately, stars can make curating an outfit less challenging. With 12 zodiac signs and 12 different aesthetics, I decided to dress with a different zodiac inspiration every day. result? I have never looked better.

Day 1: Aries

Claudia Colon

Aries are mostly synonymous with red, reflecting their reputation for bold and striking presence (not to mention, they are ruled by Mars!). For the first look, I chose a half-up, half-down hairstyle to represent the ram’s horns. I then finished the look with red jewelry, funky shades, and a bold red lip to exude the confidence that Aries radiates.

At first, the outfit terrified me a bit because it was too perky for me: it accentuated my body, and it was definitely a standout—I’m not at all used to wearing it.But after walking around the campus inside, I couldn’t help feeling hot! So much confidence started to burst out of me that I would definitely wear this dress again. You win, Aries!

Day 2: Taurus

Claudia Colon

When it comes to Taurus, it’s all about comfort and earth tones. They’re generous, comfortable and functional – what better way to represent the logo than with a relaxed shade of brown and green? I styled my hair in a half updo with a messy bun for that cozy vibe that Taurus loves. I finished the look with gold and pearl jewelry because the logo is also considered luxurious. This outfit came naturally to me as I’m a Taurus myself, so I feel physically calm when rocking these cozy textures in my favorite colors.

Day 3: Gemini

Claudia Curran

Geminis are outgoing and curious, so I opted for a yellow look to show off their playful personalities. I braided my hair into two buns, symbolizing the duality of Gemini, and painted my eyes with soft golden eyeshadow and natural tones. This look makes me feel energized and refreshed because it’s a fun color and print that I don’t wear very often! To that end, I’m definitely starting to include aspects of this look in my weekly OOTD (and starting to consider myself an honorary Gemini).Gemini, play Sunflower, Vol. 6 Harry Styles.

Day 4: Cancer

Claudia Colon

Cancers are highly emotional, sensitive and imaginative – that’s how this dress made me feel. This white and pastel shade is so comfortable to wear and it brings me calm and confidence. I covered my eyes with a light blue shade and brushed all my hair down to embrace the flow of this water sign. This is my favorite outfit of the 12 days! There’s something absolutely calm and powerful about this look that strikes me, and I’m sure to embrace the calming Cancer energy more and more.

Day 5: Leo

Claudia Colon

Leo is an artistic and fun sign, and their style should accentuate that. On day 5, I wore a cream beret – because hats are always fun, eh! – and a warm eyeshadow color that gives off a fire constellation vibe. I also opted for a fun, colorful top, like the sun, because it rules Leo! Wearing this dress I feel wholeheartedly creative and bold, and it definitely makes me want to channel the Leo vibe in whatever I wear from now on.

Day 6: Virgo

Claudia Colon

Virgos have a systematic way of looking at life; they tend to be a perfectionist and hardworking person, so I want to embrace that in the rest of my looks. This earth sign finds its balance in green tones, so I opted for an olive skirt over a butterfly-print blouse, which not only gives a retro aesthetic, but also accentuates the sign’s earthy energy. This dress makes me feel classy and smart – like a Virgo in your place!

Day 7: Libra

Claudia Colon

Libras are very social, so I chose outgoing Libras to symbolize their outgoing nature! Being the romantic of the bunch, I opted to enhance the Libra’s femininity by wearing pink, paired with delicate earrings and floral embroidery. In this casual and girly look, I feel glamorous, comfortable and pretty in pink all day long.

Day 8: Scorpio

Claudia Colon

Scorpio is mysterious, and what color can represent the mysterious side better than black? As a freshman in college, I used to have a fabulous goth stage (hey, we’ve all been there), so I rejoined the fabric left over from those days for this look with ease. The long back braid is supposed to represent the tail of a scorpion, while the smoky eyes are reminiscent of the dark and beautiful side of the constellation. In this wake up, I feel tough and downright mysterious. Should I re-enter my emotional stage? to be frank.

Day 9: Sagittarius

Claudia Colon

Sagittarius is Independent, humorous, and best represents purple – the color of curiosity! However, I struggled to find other pieces to go with the specific purple crop top I chose. As much as I love the look, I have to say this is my least favorite outfit. Not because I don’t look good, but because I feel more comfortable with others! But it’s okay, Sagittarius, I love you just as much!

Day 10: Capricornus

Claudia Colon

When it comes to Capricorns, they are all about discipline and hard work. I opted for a more elegant look for this zodiac sign and opted to wear the earth tones that would work best with Capricornus. This outfit makes me feel like a boss, with the latest on everything, and the confidence I need to keep it that way. Hey, fake it until you make it, right?

Day 11: Aquarius

Claudia Colon

Aquarius is a free and great thinker, and as an air sign, they are best represented by white and blue. I chose a waterfall braid and a flowy dress with a pattern that reminded me of a ceramic vase – this is in sync with the symbol chosen for this constellation, as Aquarius is represented by an Aquarius. Walking in this look, I feel so light and fresh!

Day 12: Pisces

Claudia Colon

Gentleness, intuition and blue are what Pisces are all about. I was wearing a long turquoise dress that mimicked a fishtail. My initial idea was to look like a mermaid, and I think I’m doing great! The logo is soothing and calming, and I feel it when I channel it in these clothes.

On weekends, I absolutely love this challenge! Getting ready for the day was a lot of work, but I still learned to come up with outfits I never thought I could do and spot new trends for myself – and it made me feel completely confident. I can say, in the end, I’m better dressed than ever. Thank you, stars!


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