4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray Release Guide – August 28, 2022 – September 3, 2022

…Please play the drums. August is coming to an end, which actually means a lot of things, but in this case, get ready for the September launch. You’ve heard us mention several times how big that month was. But, don’t get too desperate, let’s wrap up August first.

Welcome to Volume 3, Episode 15 of our weekly publishing guide. Check out the highlights of this week’s upcoming content, as well as last week’s announcements.

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Release

Import Monday starts with Zavvi Exclusive SteelBook halloween kill.

No actual “new version” was released domestically on Tuesday.

The latest title to get a 4K version is a popular anime Beauty, from Shout Factory/GKIDS. This one has something to go with. You all know how much I love swag, if you like anime, check it out!

Scream Factory Post cat man After a slight delay.

LionsGate has another 4K Best Buy exclusive cover style SteelBook with 2011’s warrior.

The boutique label Vinegar Syndrome has a standard edition Miami Connection This week, Severin Films faceless.

Next week, Gru, the vast final frontier, a train ride, a carnival and a BDP thriller.

Blu-ray release

The 4K version above has a Blu-ray counterpart, faceless From Severin Films.

Disc TV categories include 1883: The Origin Story of Yellowstone, Bionic Woman: The Complete Collection and The Good Witch: The Complete Series.

LionsGate’s entry this week is a comedy/horror titled American Holocaust.

Universal brings us 2022 comedy with 3.5-second street dating notifications Brian and Charles.

How about a little more comedy, but from Sony? open phantom A disc with a title your brain autocorrects calling something else all the time.

Standard collector BOLO for Falla coat.

From Arrow Video, Giallo Essentials V3 Black Edition Coming to the limited edition release.If you’ve been waiting for a proper release run out of time to collecthope Arrow can support you too.

Anime highlights include deadly rage movie [SteelBook], Lupin the Third VS Detective Conan tv special, Project A-ko 2, Girlfriends For Rent: The Complete Works [Premium Box Set], Sonny Boy – The Complete Season and Suppose a kid in the last dungeon moved to Novice Town? – full season can be used as Standard Edition and a limited edition.

Worth mentioning this week is a version called Shout Select walk in the woods Starring Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and Emma Thompson.

Next week’s Blu-ray tablets are a bit light, which is a huge burden for 4K buyers.

Important announcements from last week:

Does anyone surprise Disney knowing that September is a very crowded month for new releases just announced Thor: Love and Thunder September 27th release date? Check out the news article for a list of all available physical options. I’m going to shut up now before I say what I shouldn’t say.

88 films will be released Police Story 3: Super Cop Switching to 4K and Blu-ray on December 13th. If you choose to import, Eureka will release the trilogy to 4K in September.

Arrow Video’s North American section (in addition to Shawscope Volume 2) now includes Audrey Rose and unbelievable but true. If you can buy imported, they have multiple 4K versions Robin Hood: Prince of Thievesand the 4K version wolf of wall street. One has to wonder if both will get the Arrow US version like the US version true romance did (a year after the fact).I’m actually surprised that Warners didn’t show it Robin Hood To 4K, maybe they will, maybe they won’t.

More TV Discs from CBS Hogan’s Heroes: The Complete Series Coming October 25th.

Universal Pictures Classic Movies to kill a robin Coming to 4K on October 11.Firm rumors that Warner Bros will release Casablanca November to 4K…hope the US gets a similar set that the UK is sure to get, one with a book, theatre card, movie poster or other swag?

4K release calendar

2K/BD Release Calendar

Which books are you buying this week? What’s on your wish list, as an impulse buy or waiting for the right price?

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