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The best new features on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus and more.

Colin Farrell, Joel Edgerton and Viggo Mortensen in “Thirteen Lives.” Photo by Vince Valitutti/Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Welcome to Boston.com’s weekly streaming guide. Every week, we recommend five must-see movies and TV shows on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, and more.

Many of the recommendations are for new shows, while others are for low-key releases you might have missed or classics that are about to leave the streaming service at the end of the month.

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“Conspiracy Theory”

August 8, 1997, may have been just 25 years ago, but things were very different back then. Julia Roberts is Hollywood’s biggest star, Mel Gibson is a beloved screen icon with zero anti-Semitic rants in his name, and the notion that government is controlled by the “deep state” is a little-known fringe conspiracy theory. In “Conspiracy Theory,” the week’s top box office hit, Gibson plays an eccentric taxi driver whose paranoid delusions about the Deep State prove to be completely accurate, pitting him with a sympathetic Justice Department lawyer (Roberts) escape. If you can shut down your brain and ignore the fact that some academics believe the film contributes to a mainstream deep state conspiracy, “Conspiracy Theory” is a delightful romp with two A-list leaders at their game top.

How to watch: “Conspiracy Theory” is streaming on Hulu.

“Thirteen Lives”

Director Ron Howard has shown his deft hand in adapting dramatic real-life stories for the big screen in films such as “Rush” and “Apollo 13.” His latest work, Thirteen Lives, tells the story of an intense 18-day effort to rescue a Thai youth soccer team trapped in a cave. The film follows every aspect of a rescue team of 10,000 people around the world, but focuses most on a group of British divers who navigate a maze of flooded caves and eventually rescue them. Thirteen starring Colin Farrell (“In Bruges”), Viggo Mortenson (“Green Book”) and Joel Edgerton (“The Great Gatsby”) Life is a tense but ultimately uplifting film that will temporarily restore your faith in humanity.

How to watch: “Thirteen Lives” is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


“Their own league​​”

For five years, from 1988 to 1993, Hollywood – and America – was obsessed with baseball, including “Major League,” “Dreamland,” “Bull-Durham,” “Sand” and “Durham” Major League, etc. Their Own” both hit home runs with critics and audiences alike. Now, 30 years after its first release, Amazon Prime Video is giving “Their Own League” a series treatment, bringing WWII-era star Gina Davis, Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell were replaced by modern stars like Abbie Jacobson (“Broad City”), D’Arcy Carden (“The Good Place”) and Chanté Adams (“Roxanne Roxanne”) , and had Nick Offerman (“Parks & Recreation”) replace Tom Hanks as team manager. For streaming fans nostalgic for the women’s athletic camaraderie of Netflix’s canceled series “Glow,” “The League” offered endearing characters And the same mix of captivating storylines. (As a bonus, Prime Video also owns the streaming rights to the 1992 film if you want to compare and contrast the two.)

How to watch: “A League of Their Own” is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

“I never have” Season 3

Mindy Kaling’s coming-of-age high school comedy enters her junior year this Friday, and Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) stumbles into another boy of her dreams. As in past seasons, such fantasies are sure to be shattered, but she and her friends will be laughing along the way. Between the giggles, however, “Never Have I” continued to tug at heartstrings as Karin continued to tell a story of dealing with grief inspired by the death of her own mother.

How to watch: Season 3 of “I Never Had” is streaming on Netflix.

“Train Wreck: Woodstock ’99”

“Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99” is one of those Netflix releases that classifies it as a movie or series. It’s technically a three-part documentary, but with Netflix’s autoplay turned on, it’s essentially a two-hour documentary about the infamous music festival that takes Woodsto 69 years of peace, love and happiness ignited. Director Jamie Crawford effectively countered the prevailing wisdom of the day that the loathsome characters portrayed by the dark, angry music of headliners Korn, Limp Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine were largely to blame for the violence and vandalism at the festival. Instead, “Trainwreck” shows how the festival’s decision to cut costs leads to dangerous, inhumane conditions, and how organizers all but manage to cover it all up until the crowd turns against them.

How to watch: “Train Wreck: Woodstock ’99” is streaming on Netflix.

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