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Adult books are part of a genre that spans generations, telling greater truths about the human experience. Through themes of romance, sexuality, grief, racial identity, and the conflict of adolescence, readers can find common ground with the characters that make them true page-turners.

Here are 55 adult books everyone needs to know, from historical classics to new hits.

1. Andre Eichmann Call Me By Your Name

This book has become the box office classic everyone is talking about. At his parents’ summer house on the Italian Riviera, a teenage boy and a guest embark on a summer romance. It’s a coming-of-age story that shakes up the genre like never before.

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2. Where the Crawdads sing


The book quickly swept the bestseller lists and has a much-anticipated film adaptation. One story follows Kya’s life in the North Carolina Everglades, while the second involves a murder mystery in a nearby town. It’s a gripping coming-of-age story reminiscent of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

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3. Julie Murphy’s Dumplings


Dumpling never imagined herself a beauty queen, much to the dismay of her pageant-winning mother. But when Dumpling decided to enter the pageant as a plus-size girl, her mother was ashamed of the so-called “spectacle” her daughter caused. Here’s a fun take on the mother-daughter relationship and learning to love yourself.

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4. Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo


“Poet X” follows Dominican teen Xiomara Batista who lives in Harlem, New York. Through poetry, she grapples with family strife, while dealing with impending confirmations, tensions with her brother, new love interests, and an increasingly complicated relationship with her mother.

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5. Midnight by Sarah Nicole Smetana


Susannah was uprooted when her mom moved them to Southern California following the sudden death of her former rock star father. She sees this as an opportunity to reinvent herself and potentially become the singer-songwriter she’s always dreamed of being.

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6. Everything within and between Nikki Barthelmess


Ri was never allowed to accept her Mexican heritage, but she embarked on a journey with a mother she never met. This journey of personal growth and self-discovery offers a relevant storyline and a lesson in heartbreaking introspection.

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7. Black Flamingos by Dean Atta

image?  q=tbn:ANd9GcTx3h-BehZYZ4crDieX--XCT299lwgUv3AppvIzso96PpruTTjf

Michael is a mixed-race teenager living in London who is coming to terms with his gender identity and sexuality. Through the colorful world of drag, he takes readers on a journey that explores all aspects of human nature.

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8. Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli

image?  q=tbn:ANd9GcQZ_B8EoIfEjmImxGE5HDkOf8Axntr_0zgot3ngozyTQeme8ScM

This is a heartfelt follow-up to Simon vs. Homo Sapiens Agenda and follows the journey of Leah, a closed bisexual teen with a passion for drumming and art. She can’t even reveal her sexuality to her openly gay friend Simon, but with prom looming in the near future, she’s faced with many questions about the rest of her high school years.

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9. My Heart Is Underwater by Laurel Flores Fantauzzo


Abandoned Corey’s obsession with a teacher goes a little too far after her father is distraught when he falls into a coma. She was transported to her family in Manila and left to sink or swim. She is forced to explore her legacy and see how a home she never knew would shape her future.

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10. Various Others by James Sie


As if high school wasn’t messy enough, Jack and Jules begin to develop feelings for each other. However, one is identified as cis and the other as trans. When they were thrust into the spotlight in high school, they needed to decide whether they would live a lie or claim their identity.

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11. If You, Then Me by Yvonne Woon

image?  q=tbn:ANd9GcRNKy-Dbll6ZxofXcgw-t6sNrhY6WdDupQLVFolilN6fucxRhGC

“What’s it like to kiss someone?” These are the questions that Silicon Valley teen Xia answers to her future self on the app. She joined a tech incubator for young people, her chance to break out of the cycle of mundane life. This is a fascinating coming-of-age book, perfect for the technologically cutting-edge world we live in.

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12. The Thing We Call the Heart by Sheba Karim


Like most great coming-of-age books, this one begins with a dread of boring, lonely summers. Shabnam is exploring childhood friendships but also pursuing a new love. To navigate this minefield, she found help from her father’s beloved Urdu poems and embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

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13. How to live without you Sarah Everett

image?  q=tbn:ANd9GcT65nTlBQiq0C1HF1gK0-8agTtu4_lzHvp2EhijEz1mqUEtRESN

Amy’s sister is missing, but many believe she just ran away. Not so sure, Amy discovers a series of dark secrets her sister is keeping from her. Who is her sister? The coming-of-age novel explores themes of sisterhood, grief, and second chances.

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14. Ciara Smyth is not my problem


Aideen is an outcast with a lot of questions on her plate. But she unexpectedly found a problem she could fix: helping her nemesis with a sprained ankle so she could break free from her hectic schedule. Seems easy? This leads to a semester full of deal favors and shenanigans, all of which make for a hilarious coming-of-age story.

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15. This will be fun someday Katie Henry


Izzy is only 16, but she lives a double life. On the one hand, she is the doting girlfriend of a controlling boyfriend, fulfilling her role as a dutiful daughter. On the other hand, she’s acting as a stand-up comedian with a new group of friends who think she’s also in college. Where would her lies collide?

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16. Ashley Woodfolk Nothing is brighter than you

image?  q=tbn:ANd9GcRm6oGiYCD0DCNhncISO9t7R_KvNcwlVfTyV0s8v_7wb4BdyHu-

It all happens in one day; two girls explore queer love, the human experience of grief, and the complexities of friendship between women. Girls try to tame their hearts, but the nuances of their past, present and future seem insurmountable.

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17. Jennifer Wilson We’ll Find It One Day

image?  q=tbn:ANd9GcSX27MteH-lbVplIpUW_hBszfQZ9RQK6NUjRIikQEmbKp5ZeZTf

Bliss is in her 17th summer and her sixth motherless. But when her mother unexpectedly returns, it’s just as Bliss begins to forge a new life for herself. Her whole world has been turned upside down, and she’s at a crossroads; will she embrace life with her estranged mother, or continue on the path she’s burning for herself?

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18. Submarine Joe Dunsohn


Submarine is a hilarious coming-of-age novel set in the Welsh coastal town of Swansea. Oliver is only 15 years old, but he is seeking to lose his virginity and trying to understand the complexities of his parents’ failed marriage. His comedic narrative made the film an instant classic.

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19. The Atonement of Ian McEwan


Briony is a 13-year-old girl whose innocent mistakes ruin her life. See British high society through her eyes in the early days of World War II and see how she looks back on her youth at the end of her life. This book explores themes of love, grief, and reflection from childhood to adulthood.

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20. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens


Charles Dickens was one of the greatest British novelists of the 19th century, and David Copperfield is his semi-autobiographical take on a coming-of-age book. Follow David from his early life as a lower-class child to adolescence and into his career as a novelist.

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