Alabama’s last execution had it all

Trump-style fascism, vile racism, and fraternity-style sexism—specifically, the appropriate length of skirts and the appropriateness of wearing open-toed heels for journalists during executions—these are just some of the obnoxious ones A small part of the ism and divisiveness that, ironically, revolves around Joe Nathan James Jr.’s ruthless lethal injection.

After a delay of more than an hour — under secrecy — including changing a female reporter into fisherman’s wading pants and sneakers, and that rotten, behind-the-scenes process, the executioner stabbed, jabbed, Poke, seek IV, and finally, Alabama’s filthy death toxin begins to flow.

Then, CBS 42’s digital investigative reporter Lee Hedgepeth observed James making very subtle movements — movements James’ body shouldn’t be making if he was actually completely “unconscious” (completely devoid of any physical sensation). ) – such as: his “eyelid trembling”, his “body, including his lips and eyes, made noticeable movements, after which James seemed to be struggling to breathe”, and his “eyes opened slightly”.

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