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It’s been a chaotic week: Olivia Newton-John’s tragic death shocks music world, Megan Thee Stallion accidentally drops her new LP tramazineand Madonna straddles Jimmy Fallon when she appears The Tonight Show. And lots of great new material.

Every week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop releases. listen.

PinkPantheress – “Picture in My Heart”

Rising peculiar pop star PinkPantheress teamed up with “genius producer” Sam Gellaitry to create “Picture In My Mind,” a song that is both club-like and tender, complete with a laundromat film video. As always, her vocals sparkle and it’s a beautiful summer song.

Niki – “Adventures With Me”

Niki’s massive album Nicole Now out, it’s an evocative, thorough examination of adolescence and the intensity of relationships and relationships that exist during adolescence. “Take A Chance With Me” is a gorgeous up-close encounter, brimming with optimism and a strong sense of maturity.

Joshua Bassett – “Smoke Smoking Slowly”

“This song is about enjoying those moments with someone you feel close to but know you can’t be with,” Joshua Bassett said of the new song “Smoke Slow,” a heartbreaking ballad , battling impending losses. Despite the gratitude in his lyrics, it’s more heartbreaking than anything: “Is it naive to believe there’s a future / Think we can work,” he sings contradictingly.

Omar Apollo – “Never Ending”

Omar Apollo just unveiled Ivory (Marfil), an extended version of his last album. “Endless” is one of the new tracks, and it’s a stunning Frank’s oceanic earworm with a captivating vibe of longing and craving.

Bella Polge – “Hell on Earth”

In addition to being hacked and kicking off a drama with Cardi B, Bella Poarch also released “Living Hell,” a haunting, funky anthem in Melanie Martinez’s weird realm. Her singing hypnotizes dark, dynamic rhythms for an immersive listening experience.

Genevieve Stokes – “Habit”

Genevieve Stokes is a rising singer with a captivating voice and sticky melodies, especially on this captivating song “Habits.” Her words are powerful and chilling: “Because it’s on again, off again/Loves me like oxygen/I don’t know what to say or do,” she sings in her dismay.

Ali Gatie, Kehlani – “The Look”

who hurt you? is Ali Gatie’s new album, highly anticipated after several catchy singles. This collaboration with Kehlani “The Look” proves that the wait and hype is worth it. It’s a riveting, infectious track, and the harmony between the two singers is mesmerizing and makes listeners want to repeat.

MØ – “Spaceman”

MØ’s new song “Spaceman” is futuristic, with scorching synth blasts, and the singer announces: “Let’s build a home in the stars.” From there, it becomes a quirky, addictive anthem , soaring with the feeling of another universe.

Maddie Zahm – “The Inevitable”

Like Niki, Maddie Zahm is a young artist who specializes in storytelling. Her fragile voice shares intense stories full of emotion, as in this new ballad “The Inevitable”: “Make sure we’re never alone/Because it gives me hope,” she sings heartbreakingly .

Amelia Moore – “Love Me or Leave Me”

Amelia Moore’s “Love Me or Leave Me” is an inspiring, bold anthem about wanting to communicate directly and set firm boundaries: “You’re really that afraid to call it what it is/Because I’m embarrassed/Just do This thing is unfair to a guy who wants this,” she sings against the architectural rhythm.

Some of the artists featured here are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.


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