Andre Tan’s RDNT label launches new collection in partnership with Ukrainian Water Polo Federation

Tick ​​no boxes: luxury, sportswear, monochrome, uniform, streetwear. Over the past two decades, Andre Tan has built a strong following to guarantee sales through the political, economic and now war crises that Ukraine faces today. But that’s not why its creative director Andre Tan is one of the most interesting Ukrainian designers today.

Tan’s recent work with the Ukrainian Water Polo Federation proves that he is a brilliant strategist, closely connected to the geopolitical and cultural zeitgeist. While many Ukrainian designers continue to look to folklore for the elusive gold of style, he chose to take inspiration from one of the most daring sports: water polo.

Known for launching capsule collections that reflect elements of sportswear, urban life and urban architecture, Tan’s latest label, RDNT, has launched a new capsule collection in collaboration with the Ukrainian Water Polo Federation. RDNT stands for “radiant” – a daily reminder to stay defiant and radiant in the face of the conflict Ukraine is currently facing.

Aptly named ‘The Water’, RDNT’s fashion capsule collection features rippling water prints paired with bold jumpsuits, oversized hoodies and deconstructed jeans. The palette is a symbol of the halo color chart, with light shades of yellow, blue, green, pink and purple. The patterned feel of the print is perfect for Paris. Stoicism in cut and shape wouldn’t be out of place in Milan. Streetwear looks will make London proud. A decidedly fresh European aesthetic flows through the lifeblood of RDNT.

Ukraine has only participated in one Olympic Games in 1996 and only three European Championships before 1997. The Ukrainian Water Polo Federation (UWPF) is keen to develop and support the sport of water polo in Ukraine despite the current extremely difficult circumstances. “It’s no coincidence that the idea of ​​our collaboration came up,” commented Tan, trying to inspire a sense of hope for his country. Tan experienced the sheer joy and bliss of being in the water while participating in a water polo match at UWPF in person. “I knew then that we had to work together for a lofty goal,” he added.

RDNT is an eco-brand made from recycled plastic that is unisex in design. This is something very nice, pretty, wearable and exciting, choose your adjective. But don’t get me wrong. This is also a recognition of Ukraine’s struggle for independence. By paying tribute to Ukrainian water polo players, Tan effectively became someone to watch.

All proceeds from this one-of-a-kind fashion collaboration will go to the charity platform to help children receiving treatment in various medical centers in Ukraine. Oleksandr Svishchov, President of the UWPF, recalled: “Before the war, a new sports pool was built in Mariupol, which was supposed to open this month. But now it was destroyed by bombs, along with the Kharkov Institute of Technology’s Pool.” He continued, “In Kramatorsk, the new sports pool is almost finished, and what it will look like now, we don’t know!”

When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, “all games were stopped in Ukraine and most teams had to take refuge in different European countries as guests and continue their training,” Svishchov said. “We’re trying to get as much attention as possible to water polo in Ukraine. I think partnering with fashion brands is another way to engage a wider audience in this beautiful sport, while raising money for war-affected children.” That’s Tan’s stylistic allusions become a place of meta-reference, that is, life in times of conflict. So let’s get back to clothing.

Looking closely at the outfits, one would notice a variety of heart-like accent cuts and hopeful phrases like “now is now.” Like a water polo player jumping in a swimming pool, the series pulls you in and reminds you that life goes on when the conflict: Ukrainian Water Polo Men’s Championships and Ukrainian Cup Women’s Championships are coming to Lviv from September 16 18th to 18th. “These tournaments are the first to be held in Ukraine since the war began,” Svishchov said.


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