Argentine T-shirts from a gender perspective

The Argentine football team on Monday revealed another purple jersey for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a design inspired by “gender equality, diversity and inclusion,” according to its creators, that socialises with fans in a traditional way network. But it immediately sparked controversy. ,

For the first time in the history of the World Cup, a model of the violet jersey was officially displayed at the Floralis Generica in the Plaza Nationale in Buenos Aires, near Argentina, but the model has actually been used by various members. from those selected from the AFA.

Another variant of the model, launched in July this year, will go on sale next Tuesday, September 6th. The Game Shirt model listed on the official adidas website is priced at 28,999 pesos, but another set is priced at 16,999 pesos.

The brand, which has been offering AFA apparel since 2001, explained that the new shirt is designed in a violet hue because it is “inspired by gender equality, an initiative that promotes the values ​​of diversity and inclusion.”

“The national team’s new jersey conveys a strong message of gender equality, in line with the values ​​of diversity and inclusion our brand stands for. Through sport, we have the opportunity to change people’s lives, and football is one of them. Reality-Changing The ideal tool,” said Pablo Ramo, general manager of Adidas Argentina, in a statement issued by the company.

In addition to the extraordinary color, the May Sun flare in the lower half of the shirt is a lighter shade and is applied on the back of the neck.

Both models are produced entirely in Argentina and are 100% recycled. It also uses “Heat Ready” technology to keep skin cool and dry at all times, the manufacturer says.

“We presented our new replacement jersey for the Qatar World Cup. From our captain Leo Messi, we go to Argentina!”, this is the message posted on Twitter by the official account of the Argentina national team.

The image of 10 people in purple shirts went viral and generated a lot of information on the same social network.

The name of the brand is a trend in our country and there is a lot of information against and in support of the new model. One of the most repeated messages comes from the official account of the Sacchispas, a club that plays in the First Nationals, whose main colour is purple.
“Think they don’t believe us when we say Leo is from Saca. Go to Qatar with Leo,” posted the always funny Twitter account of the Villa Soldi club.

In addition to Messi, Angel Di Maria, Rodrigo de Paul, Emiliano “Dibo” Martinez, Giovanni Lo Celso, Alejandro “Pap” Gomez, Paulo Diba La, Guido Rodriguez, Julian Elvarez and Joaquin Correa also participated in the ad campaign. Players Mariana Larroquet and Agostina Holzier represent the women’s national team.

In Colombia’s Copa America final, he was in charge of using the lead model and finished third under the tutelage of German Portanova.

In the promotional group photo, Lou Celso and “Papu” Gomez can be seen wearing jackets in the same color as their replacement shirts. Then it was revealed that it was a reversible model with a light blue interior that would sell for more than 25,000 pesos when it went on sale.

As for the replacement kits, the selected teams used blue in the World Cup until Russia debuted the black version in 2018. The most curious incident occurred at the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, when out of necessity the selected teams had to wear the yellow jerseys of the IFK Malmö club and leave their own so that Argentina and Germany would have no clothes . vague.

But this time, the brand was inspired by purple, which has become a very iconic symbol of rights and affirmation of gender equality in recent years.

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