Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic could fix The Great Gatsby’s mistakes

Buzz Luhrmann Elvis Biopics can solve some problems the great gatsby Critics and audiences thought it was a big mistake.Biopics have become a big trend in Hollywood, from Bohemian Rhapsody to Rocket Manand it was only a matter of time before someone challenged the king of rock again. ElvisStarring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks, directed by Baz Luhrmann, whose last directing project was the great gatsby Back in 2013. Nearly 10 years apart, Elvis Can make up for some of the shortcomings of the Luhrmann last.

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The feat of adapting this great American novel will never be without its critics, and any film adaptation of the book could kill the franchise. Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925, the great gatsby Focusing on money and wealth, it focuses on the sinister side of the roaring 20s. When Luhrmann adapted it, critics thought the 3D film was too gimmicky and far removed from the core message of the original. They further argue that the film’s glamorous aesthetic replaces the idea that this lifestyle is worthy of analysis and criticism, and romanticizes it too much.This mistake of not fully following the story can be found in Elvis.

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The trailer is Elvis It has been suggested that Luhrmann is taking his signature saturated style and combining it with the realism of the story he is adapting, which will address key criticisms of the film’s remake the great gatsby. Luhrmann is once again working on a film that is drawn from the source material, but he seems to be approaching it in a more solid way that matches the story he’s telling.The trailer is still colorful, lively, and has a Luhrmann-esque aesthetic, but the point is ElvisThe story itself also stands out.

All in all, Elvis seems to be a perfect match for Luhrmann’s style choices. The King himself was greater than life, lavish, dazzling, and his life was a sensation, which fits perfectly with Luhrmann as a director. That means Luhrmann can play to his strengths directly through his protagonist (played by Austin Butler), while keeping the story grounded in reality. For example, Elvis’ edgy, distinctive costumes were part of his character, but the crowd he played in in the 1950s was fairly beige and largely conservative. The trailer shows just that, merging Luhrmann’s style perfectly with reality, doing justice to the singer’s story.Where the great gatsby Criticized for prioritizing style over substance, Luhrmann’s Elvis Mixing the two together tells the almost unbelievably true story of a fabulous rock star.

Views from Baz Luhrmann the great gatsby Definitely imprinted on his style; gorgeous, loud and unique. Some critics have argued that this is against the vital message of Fitzgerald’s story and novel. However, Elvis The trailer shows Luhrmann being able to execute his directorial vision without compromising the story at hand.This is the main criticism he faced in his last feature film, which means Elvis Criticism can finally be won.

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