Beats Fit Pro are the best running earbuds I’ve ever used

As a runner, one of my facts is that I need my jam. No traffic jams, no running. I have carefully curated playlists, and the bass drops are strategically timed to cheer me up when I lose momentum.In addition to my sneakers, my earplugs most Important running technique I have. However, my decade-long quest for the perfect match didn’t come to an end until a few weeks ago.

Behold, the beautiful, purple Beats Fit Pro.

To understand why I love these buds, you need to understand headphones that didn’t work out. (Don’t worry, I’ll stick to the point and leave you with a Dickensian novel about the dozens of earbuds that let me down during my 10-year running journey.)

Great-sounding earbuds—like the Bose SoundSport—are often too big for my tiny ear holes, and when they end up falling out, I’ve over-chased them. I tried one of the early bone conduction surround headphones from Aftershokz (now just Shokz). The thing is, I want to feel a “wow-wow-wow-wow-wow” vibrating in my skull with a sickly bass droplet. These, at best, sent a sad “wow” that would embarrass Waluigi. I got my Jabra Elite Active 65t dirty, but when the AirPods Pro came along and ruined me with their superior connectivity, they still occasionally fell out of my ears and tarnished. AirPods Pro are convenient for everyday life, but they’re not durable enough for my workout regimen. (My ears are sweaty, okay?) I think I found a good compromise in Bose Tempo. They’re comfortable, give me good situational awareness, and sound great for open-ear audio sunglasses. Then they let me down at the NYC Half Marathon.I need mine jam, and these were drowned out by the shoddy music coming from the speakers. I firmly believe that was a big reason why I lost power at the 10th mile mark and had to stumble 3.1 miles to the finish line.

Not gonna lie, I almost bought the grey ones because they are stylish too.
Chris Welch/The Verge

So now that you understand the struggles, let me give a lyrical about why I love my Beats Fit Pro.

I’ve always hated tips with wings because I don’t find them comfortable. These aren’t — that’s the first shocking place. The Beats Fit Pro fit my ears securely and stayed put during an hour-long run on a scorching summer day. I was sweating profusely, but the buds never slipped out of my ears like my AirPods Pro, and I didn’t feel sick when I took them out. When I got home, I had the best impression of the metal headbutt.The buds have been in place, they have been in place since the first run dry through multiple workouts.I don’t know if this is the way the earbuds fit my ear crest, but I’ve never this Great for previous earbuds.

At the same time, these aren’t the absolute best-sounding earbuds I’ve ever used, but they’re pretty good. Best of all, I got my precious bass drops, and my favorite K-pop singer sounded like a buttery smooth, sweet angel. The noise-cancelling mode is also good enough that I could slide into the area while exercising or writing, but it wasn’t so quiet that I couldn’t hear the bus behind me.Hot Topic: I Actually do not Love it when noise cancellation is too good, like on the AirPods Max. It’s disturbing, I feel safer when I have some level of situational awareness. (However, the Beats Fit Pro did stop my cat from meowing, so I’m ready.)

They also have all the connectivity benefits of the AirPods Pro, so they can do triple duty when it comes to fitness, work, and Netflix bingeing. I have done almost no setup or have to manually pair them with my MacBook Air or iPad. When I switch from a podcast on my phone to a work call on my computer, and then an on-demand workout on my iPad, it’s amazing. We love multitasking gadgets. Also, I haven’t lost any of these, but I’m a casual dodo and inevitably will. When that moment comes, I can at least use Find My to find out where I’ve misplaced.

The Beats Fit Pro retails for $200, not something I can buy on a whim. (Though I do discount them.) However, considering how much money I’ve already spent on wireless earbuds, it’s pretty reasonable. It’s within budget and as I get older I understand better that investing in a quality product can save you more in the long run. These definitely fall into this category for me.

The last reason is silly, but I love the “cute” colorways are pastel purples and no pink. I love a nice pink, but tech companies use it so much on gadgets that it’s almost an insult. Also, most of my earbuds are boring black with bronze accents at best. The world is a dull place, and as silly as it may sound, when the news cycle sucks, a splash of bright color lifts my mood.Plus, it goes well with my huge water bottle, so I think want to when I exercise. Little joys are precious these days, and I’ll take all I can get my hands on.

Earbuds, especially when worn, are a very personal device. You may not like these as much as I do. But, to me, the Beats Fit Pro is the perfect combination of price, form and function. (The only thing I wish it had was wireless charging, but that’s a piece of cake.) It’s funny, because I avoided the Beats Fit Pro for a long time despite recommendations from several trusted friends and colleagues. I’ve been burned before – the hype is rarely successful and returns are a hassle. But I liked these so much, it really surprised me, a die-hard old, tired reviewer. I can’t remember the last time my earbuds got me excited for my next run – and these do.

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