Breaking Bad Betsy Brandt Talks About Playing Marie Schrader in Better Call Saul

the end of the series Better call Saul Going back to its roots, some special looks from the main players breaking BadOf course, this includes Bryan Cranston appearing in a flashback sequence revealing a new scene with Walter White and Saul Goodman (Bob Oden Kirk). Fast-forwarding to the current “Genes” timeline, Marie Schrader (Betsy Brandt) also returns with a widow, hoping to see Saul get justice for what happened to her late husband Hank (Dean Norris).

In a new interview with Variety, Brandt begins to revisit the role of Marie Schrader Better call SaulShe revealed that there had been some discussions about bringing in the character for a cameo early on, but producer Peter Gould told her it wasn’t the time yet. Over time, Brandt wasn’t sure if she would appear in the spinoff, but when the call finally came, she couldn’t be more excited.

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“Oh my god, it’s definitely a treat. It’s not something I thought I would do. When you’re done, you’re done. That’s usually how it goes…like putting on your most Love the sweater you forgot how much you love. I miss her. I know she’s really miserable, but I miss her, the one in purple, obsessed. The way they brought her back, ever since we met her She’s grown a lot since. I love the dignity they give her. It’s everything I want for my character as an actor.”

Brandt goes on to detail her hopes for Mary when she learns she’ll be back Better call SaulBecause she loved Hank so much, Brandt felt it was important for Mary to continue her late husband’s mission, saying that Hank was “in my heart” during filming.

“I still want her to be the same person; you have to recognize her. Mary’s wound was so tight and still is, but she was determined and she wanted to do the right thing for Hank. I’ve always had this feeling – I Will speak emotionally about this, I know it’s a pretense, trust me, I get it – the reason Hank died and kept her going was because she wanted him to be proud, even after he was gone. Dean Norris didn’t appear in this episode, but Hank was in my heart for all the days we were filming. That’s what really guided her. Not “What would Hank do?” “But “what would Hank think about what I’m doing?” “Their love story on the show is really beautiful and it’s great to be respected.”

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Betsy Brandt didn’t wear purple

exist breaking Bad, Mary is known for her obsession with purple.because her scene is Better call Saul Available in black and white, fans can’t be sure if she’s wearing purple, although it’s easy to imagine she’s been wearing the color all the time. However, Brandt clarified that she wasn’t wearing purple in that scene, and even offered a possible storyline explanation for why Mary was dressed differently at this time.

“There’s no purple. I think it’s green or grey, nothing even close to purple. It doesn’t surprise me. I love the last time we saw Mary in Breaking Bad. She’s wearing all neutral shades , beige and white, after she went through the trauma of losing Hank. She had to let go of a lot of crap. Things like that seemed pointless. When I showed up for the costume fitting, our costume designer had picked out the perfect The clothes. All the choices are correct, I don’t think there is any purple in there.”

end Better call Saul Saul Goodman’s future is bleak, but there’s room for some explanation, with fans imagining the former lawyer and his ex-wife Kim Wexler (Riya Seahorn). decoration) what happens next. As for Mary, Brandt has her own theories. Brandt thinks Mary may not have gotten to the point where she can start making new friends and is still very sad about Hank, but she will still go on to live a good life.

“She moved on. I think she’s going to live the life she knows Hank wants her to live. I think that’s what guides her. I can’t imagine what dating is going to be like for her because she’s going to put everyone All like Hank, she’ll do it for a while. But I think she’s going to live a long, happy, fulfilling life. I hope she has some kind of connection with Skyler. It’ll never be the same, but I love the relationship I love that they have that war buddy connection. It was a loss for my character when she realized Skyler was involved. I think it’s hard to forgive, but I hope they have some connection. I want her to see Walter Jr. and baby Holly.”

So far, there are no plans to breaking Bad universe, so we’ve likely seen Mary Schrader’s last.

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