‘Bullet Train’ tops $150 million, Mavericks tops $1.4 billion

In delayed news at weekend box office, Sony’s bullet train Earned another $8 million (-43%) in the third weekend for a 17-day gross domestic income of $68.895 million.again, it’s legs with hobbs and shawwhich ended in summer 2019. Fast & Furious The 17-day total for the spin-offs was 1.3 times their respective $133.78 million, which would give the Brad Pitt action movie $9-100 million domestically (it’s still the same lost city). So the difference between the commercial success of David Leitch’s $90 million film adaptation and (at least in terms of the original theatrical) a commercial failure will depend on overseas earnings.$150 million globally so far, if it plays out like hobbs and shaw (not even including China and Russia) and tripled its global gross domestic income, which is a blow. Otherwise, that’s why Netflix pays big bucks for the first pay TV window.

Paramount and Skydance’s Top Gun: Maverick $678.815 million in lifetime earnings spent Friday Avengers: Infinity War became the sixth-largest domestic box office of all time. It grossed $5.85 million (-17%) in its 12th weekend, with new domestic films taking in $683.375 million. Even a normal rate of decline from this point would give it $693 million.pass Panther’s $700 million will be less mission: impossible and more mission: difficult. Even with the release of digital PVOD on Tuesday, “Mission: Difficulty” was supposed to be a walk in the park for Tom Cruise actors. At $1.403 billion worldwide, it’s just days away from the $1.405 billion global total. Avengers: Age of Ultron Became the second biggest “Part II” sequel of all time. Frozen II ($1.45 billion) may be a bridge too far, but it will be close Top Gun 2 There may be several other miracles.

Warner Bros. Discovery DC Super Pet League, should be called DC Super Pets, Fourth weekend earnings were $5.775 million (-18%) and 24-day gross domestic earnings were $66.5 million.It was the last big animated film before Walt Disney strange world Over Thanksgiving weekend, so it’s not out of the question that the $90 million Dwayne Johnson/Kevin Hart animated comedy could be completed for $80 million.Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder Made $3.81 million (-29%) over the weekend and earned $332 million in domestic revenue. It also benefits from the last kid-friendly tent, until in its case, black adam October 21st. for all”Thor 4 It’s the bomb! ” crap, it will pass $333-336 million likes Guardians of the Galaxy, Aquaman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Joker and Spider-Man 3. At the same time, it reached $737 million globally, surpassing Thor: Ragnarok won China and Russia.

Universal and monkey’s paw No Earned $3.55 million (-33%) over the weekend with $113.76 million domestic and $133.029 million globally. Not great for a $69 million release, but PVOD will likely come to the rescue. Given Warner Bros. Discovery’s current slash and burn, it’s easy for Comcast to spend a few bucks on Jordan Peele’s original films as part of their “Universal is a safe space for filmmakers.”Plus, Peel can always ask Gru to fund his next social thriller, because Minions: Rise of Gru Made another $3.52 million (-30%) domestically, over $350 million.It made another $26.695 million overseas, including $11.79 million in China (compared to Despicable Me 3 opened in 2017 at $64 million), with a new global value of $833.6 million. We can expect this $80 million sequel/prequel to do over/under $900 million globally.

Sony’s where crayfish sing Weekend revenue was $3.15 million (-26%), domestic revenue was $77.725 million, and global revenue was $97.8 million. Then again, the only female “big” movie of the summer is dropping accordingly. A24’s body body body Expanded to 2,541 theaters in the third weekend. The Gen Z-targeted whodunnit grossed $2.412 million (-20%) over the weekend and $7.439 million domestically over the 17-day period.This means at least body body body Likely to match $11 million X since earlier this year. I think it’s a relative win, because this small-scale star horror comedy will never become a blockbuster. WBD’s Elvis Earned $1.95 million (-24%) over the weekend while dominating the VOD platform.Domestic revenue of $144.82 million so far, will be over soon the great gatsby ($144.85 million, also from Warner Bros.) became Baz Luhrmann’s largest unadjusted domestic box office ever.Lionsgate fall $4.944 million over 10 days, a gain of $1.33 million (-47%).

Universal and Amblin’s Jurassic world domination When it entered the afterlife of brick-and-mortar media/rental theatrical, it earned $550,000 (-25%) in new domestic revenue and $373.8 million in new revenue. It opens in Peacock early next month, but it still grossed $984.7 million worldwide on a $185 million budget. It probably just missed the $1 billion mark, but I think Comcast will cope.In other global news, Jo Koy’s Easter Made $900,000 (-63%) in the third weekend. That gave Amblin’s $17 million comedy a $11.9 million 17-day box office run.Broomhouse black phone On a budget of $19 million, it earned another $520,000 (49%), bringing its domestic revenue to $88.683 million and global revenue to over $150 million. ET: Aliens In the second weekend of its IMAX-centric remake, it grossed just $250,000 (-77%) and only $439 million domestically.Steven Spielberg’s hard break; here’s hope Fabermans Give him a much-needed comeback.


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