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Since the last Independence Day, there are only 13 long stocks in the BSE50 index on the market, far fewer than last year’s 181, mainly due to market corrections and volatility.

These 13 stocks and an index have surged since Independence Day last year

  • Joe Biden says US and India are indispensable partners; cites Mahatma Gandhi in Independence Day message

  • Indian-made guns first used in Independence Day salute at Red Fort

  • Google Doodle celebrates 75 years of freedom in India

  • Salman Rushdie off ventilator, agent says ‘road to recovery has begun’

  • This Amritkar, every Indian eager to see rapid progress in new India: PM Modi

  • To achieve new heights of development, PM Narendra Modi calls for cooperative, competitive federalism

  • We bow to those who made life in free India possible: President Murmu

  • FPIs invest Rs 22,452 crore in Indian stocks in August to ease inflation fears

  • Independence Day 2022: Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, WhatsApp Messages, Pictures

  • India @75: 10 must-see patriotic movies

  • US tells India that Indian ships had diverted Russia-linked fuel to New York

  • Taiwan thanks India and others for calls to ease tensions across Taiwan Strait

  • 2022 Hyundai Tucson Review, First Drive – MORE, MORE OVERDRIVE

  • Exclusive: ग्रोथ और मुनाफा दोनों हमारे लिए हैं अहम- फालीनु

  • बाजार में गिरावट का दौर जारी, Sensex 435 अंक टूटा- Nifty 17900 के न

  • sensex 600अंकअंकतकतकतक

  • Strategy Bazaar IPO Refund: कआपकोभीभीमिलेपैसेभीनहींलौटेलौटेतहैहकहैह

  • 5ककोकोकोददनेनेकोको

  • Kafir Khan: योगी सरकार ने गोरखपुर के BRD कॉलेज के डॉ. कफील खान को किया बर्खास्त, प्रियंका

  • केंसीआईआईआकीकीकीकीकीकी

  • SBI या Post Office? जनिवेशकेकेसबसेजबजजनेंनेंनेंनें

  • nykaa IPO: फगुनीकीमेंमेंमेंमें

  • yes securities

  • msci इंडेकमेंकलवववववने

  • kangana ranut: जजपुोंकेदौनननजौहजौहजौहकोकोकोकोढूंढ

  • e-GCA launch: जयनेनेनेममम

  • 4% टूटटूटटूटएफडीएएफडीएएफडीएएफडीएझटक

  • 80लखटनटनटनटिकटिकटिक

Name price Change % Chlorine
ntpc 158.50 4.85 3.16
Siby 530.70 5.95 1.13
indian bulls 124.75 0.55 0.44
NHPC 34.00 0.15 0.44



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