Caitlin Olsen bakes her husband to win this week’s late night

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The late night host chose a bad week to go on vacation. Trump was raided as Seth Meyers, James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel were spending time with their children. If we need to “look closely” at something, this is it. I’m sure Meyers will revisit what happened when he left and figure out how best to twist the narrative into a “Rudy Giuliani married his cousin” joke. Kimmel does have guests hosting his time slot, and David Alan Greer gets a lot of the big news about Trump and plays the doorman at Mar-a-Lago. He brings all his Tony-winning energy here – hats off.

Jon Batiste is leaving amid late night restructuring news (which seems to be a recurring part this summer) The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Baptiste has been filming almost all summer Purple and won a Grammy.But now, officially, he won’t win Second In his putative EGOT, he was a bandleader. Louis Cato will be the new leader of Stay Human, late show Band and No. 1 place to hide the Eagle or St Vincent or the guy in the cowboy who does this cover no Late night this week. Let’s talk about who.

“Let’s put Adam Palley and Mindy Kaling and Andy Cohen together and let the weird energy really flow,” some producers said. They should get a bottle of champagne, or a slap over their heads Slap because it’s weird WWHL. Pally comments on how much he wants to fuck Ramona Singer, how Andy Cohen likes to talk about how he wants to fuck Ramona Singer, and how bad he wants to be Legally Blonde 3. Cohen spent most of his time trying to spy on the aforementioned trilogy from Kaling, and Parley’s wife sat quietly in the audience watching it all happen. live.

Megan Thee Stallion’s French Bulldog 4oe is the star. Let’s not be stingy with words. He knows how to find his brilliance, he plays tricks, and has great conversations as a talk show guest.Meg co-host The Tonight Show On the night of her new album’s release, she threw “Thank You Notee” on the recurring tabletop and helped interview Natalia Dyer, but 4oe stole the show. Meg is also an interesting interviewer for Dyer, showing her interest in Stranger Things And demanded that the episodes of the show become longer. Please, Duffer Bros, don’t listen to her.

Kaling has a double role on this week’s list, as she’s an agent of chaos in every show she’s ever done.superior WWHL, She is primarily a promoter of Pally, but in late show, she said she was sad i never Because she loves money. Not her cast, not the story, not the representation, but cold cash. Hearing her own words, Kaling immediately (and endearingly) started backtracking. She said she loved money, joked about cutting it out, and even volunteered to show her tax return to the tax office. late show audience so they can determine if she is really rich. She’s definitely rich, but it’s important to keep in touch with ordinary people – they also don’t want their jobs to end, mostly because he loves money. Or at least, goods and services require it.

A classic talk show/award show sketch premise is “the cute host is a nasty little thing in the ______ world”. Carrie Bradshaw entered The Matrix at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards when basically everyone was office At the 2011 Emmys, James Corden toured the White House: all in the nasty little brat genre.Stephen Colbert adds a new entry to the PLS (not to be confused with PSL or PLL) classic by hacking Severance pay. Steve C., as his innie knew, thought he was office And insists Owen dance to Smash Mouth. John Turturro has never been so disrespected since the robot was mad at him.

In addition to David Allen Greer, Jimmy Kimmel has a guest host this week, Philadelphia is always sunnyof Rob McElhenney.One Huhug It was his wife, Caitlin Olsen, who earned his presidency. Olsen spends almost the entire interview on her spouse because of how few Emmy nominations he has compared to her, how weird his dad is, and when he praises her as an actor/spouse How ebullient. McElhenney tries to be sweet, but Olson stays strong for the rest of us who aren’t married to her.if sunny Never die, the two can have a really great late night show together. If they can find a babysitter.

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