Call to boycott Queen misguided anger

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My black people, you sometimes hit me with this misguided boycott anger. I’m talking about Twitter’s tendency to resist this new blockbuster, Queen.

I know public schools across the country have been failing for generations, so maybe some of you don’t understand the difference between fiction and non-fiction.Because if you do – and really see Queen Instead of complaining based on other people’s reviews – you’ll know that the movie has a fictional storyline that incorporates real-life characters and events. In the storytelling process, artists have the autonomy to imprint their creativity and imagination on the plot. This story is no exception.

in last week’s commentI talked about how The film could have gone in a completely different direction, providing us with trauma porn like so many stories documenting African and African-American history. if it is like this, As producer Julius Tennon puts itthen this will be a documentary.

queen is fictional

I think the writers, producers and directors of the film wanted to give us a “what if” experience – what if a country led by African women condemned slavery and colonialism and changed history as we know it? They want to entertain us, while also conveying an overall message of hope and strength.

This is clearly beyond those who are still upset or feel the film is underrated The Role of the Kingdom of Dahomey in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Meanwhile, states across the country are doing real work Suppresses and exposes alternative facts of history by banning more than 2,500 books and 1,648 people dedicated to race and sexuality. this is a real attack on our culture and children, but The anger in our community doesn’t seem to exist.

Because Twitter is unfortunately the seat of activism, I did a quick search with the term “banned books” and most of the tweets about it were white faces and groups — crickets from black people.In fact, I bet not many of us know what this week is Banned Books Week.

Our Outrage Should Be Against Banned Books, Not Boycott The Queen

favorite book TonHe hates you for giving, I know why the caged bird sings, purple, stamped: racism, anti-racism and you, and the 1619 project Currently inaccessible to children and adults in certain places, such as Georgia, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee— where the worst oppression and injustice has occurred and is still happening.

I’m also willing to bet money that is hated by a lot of people like me Queen The kingdom of Dahomey or any other African dynasty was not even known in school. Because the most they taught us was that Harriet freed some slaves and Martin had a dream.

Queen is an exciting film that does its job in entertaining us and infuriating our interest our history.The film cannot be celebrated as showing black women leading as warriors in every sense, a rare depiction of Africa in American cinema and the role of black Hollywood in our The storytelling is disappointing.

The last and truest talk, the energy spent on resisting and dragging down issues is irresponsible and negligent compared to challenging the erasure and racism we currently deal with in real life. So my dear black people, we’d be better off if we put half of our energy into real-life propaganda as much as we put into social media grandstanding. Make us angry about the important things.

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