‘Elvis’ is an epic gorgeous biopic fit for a king

‘Elvis’ is an epic gorgeous biopic fit for a king

“Elvis” Trailer The trailer for ‘Elvis’ is an epic big-screen spectacle from Warner Bros. and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Baz Luhrmann, exploring the life and music of Elvis, directed by Austin Butler and the Oscar winner Starring Tom Hanks. Chicago – Editor’s Note: This Review runs initially On June 22, 2022, “Elvis” will be released. In light … Read more

10 Worst Movie Birthdays

10 Worst Movie Birthdays

Ideally, a birthday commemorates another age milestone in a person’s life and should be positive. Ironically, however, many movies do the exact opposite. Not only do some films embody happiness and loved ones come together to celebrate, they also effectively spoil birthdays and introduce inappropriate themes and events for parties, such as death, violence and … Read more

ELVIS – Tillamook County Pioneers

Andrew JankeA common challenge in biopics is to condense the entire life of a public figure in two hours. Although cut short, Elvis’ life was complicated and messy, so the movie adaptation needed some sort of anchor to structure the script and create something meaningful. Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis does this to a degree, using the … Read more

The new ‘A League of Their Own’ is nothing like the original — here’s why it’s a rare reboot worth watching

Almost as long as it has existed, America has claimed to like the underdog. This presumably has something to do with a group of scrappy revolutionaries who crossed the ocean and then built an empire in order to build the country. We’re used to supporting Davis over Goliath; the Jay Gatsby-esque self-made riches trajectory is … Read more

Town Hall to host 33rd Newcastle Jazz Festival from 19-21 August | Newcastle Herald

Versatile and sophisticated: modern jazz artist Steph Russell, born and raised in Newcastle, will perform on Sunday afternoon. Music lovers from Australia and beyond will gather at Newcastle Town Hall 33rd Newcastle Jazz Festival Friday 19th August to Sunday 21st August. Over the weekend, 50 bands of more than 200 musicians will perform over 60 … Read more

Hisense 55U8H review | PCMag

The Hisense U8G is one of our favorite TVs of 2021, thanks to its great picture quality and robust feature list at a reasonable price. Its successor, the Hisense U8H, is more impressive, with wider colors and higher contrast. It’s otherwise similar to the U8G, so you shouldn’t feel pressure to upgrade from last year’s … Read more

Highland 100 Years: Country Club Celebrates Centennial – LaGrange Daily News

100 Years in Highlands: Country Club Celebrates Centennial posted on Fri, Aug 12, 2022 at 8:23pm This weekend kicks off the week-long Highland County Club Centennial Celebration. According to Centennial Chairman Summer Deal, the week-long event was held to mark the club’s 100th anniversary. “This week is a tribute to the club’s legacy over the … Read more