Charges Reduced to Bubblegum (Sex Crime Charges Dropped, Houghton Remains in Detention) New Jersey v. Houghton

TOTAL CHARGES REDUCED TO BUBBLEGUM (Why is he still in jail?): Monmouth County, NJ v. Franklin Horton (#FREEFRANK supporters)

Black man accused of assaulting white teenager remains behind bars at Monmouth Corporation prison two weeks after prosecutors dropped first and second-degree sex offenses

Freehold, NJ, USA, July 29, 2022 / — African American inmate Franklin D. Horton of Monmouth County Correctional Facility has been arrested for a four acquitted of all sexual offenses charged in (anecdotal) indictment in 2009, according to the most recent court records of the Monmouth County Superior Court (State v. Horton, Monmouth Co., NJ Supr. Ct., Crim. No. 18003427) .

Chief Judge Marc C. Lemieux told Defendant Horton, “The state will take action to dismiss all seven sex offense charges in the criminal indictment and recommend a four-year suspended prison sentence as a countermeasure to the use of e-cigarettes to blow a minor in the face.” Penalty – Pen (a device that does not produce smoke).

Holden’s plea hearing in Superior Court comes a day after he filed a petition for an emergency order in the New Jersey Court of Appeals, saying in an affidavit ( that he is concerned about his Defense attorneys and prosecutors forced him to commit crimes in court by forcing him to agree to commit crimes that were legally or physically impossible even if he blew “vaping” in the face of a minor with an e-cigarette pen. Fraud. Additionally, the petition raises the question of why a jury trial was not scheduled after four years.

Last month, Holden received support from several celebrities including T-Boz, Terrell Owens and Bootsy Collins on social media, claiming his innocence ( ( ://

An indictment that began four years ago with seven first-degree sexual assault charges against a 12- to 13-year-old minor turned into a legal fiction because e-cigarettes never produce smoke. The county justice department, which wants Holden to serve 10 to 25 years in prison, agreed that he committed a crime less than stealing a pack of bubble gum.

Today, Houghton remains in jail at the Monmouth County Jail as an African-American inmate, despite the state dropping all sex-crime charges, according to the court, after he was charged with fabricated charges by West Long Precinct police. After four years in prison, there is no evidence or DNA records.

The news outlet reached out to the Monmouth County Attorney’s Office and the Monmouth County Courthouse to ask why Houghton remained in custody. But neither office had responded to the inquiry before this news article was published.

Please see court records related to this news content (New Jersey v. Franklin Horton (NJ Sup. Ct. Crim. Case No. 18003427) (

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