‘Derry Crime’ Season 2: Revisiting the Dark Side of Derry

Delhi is a city with a huge economic disparity, combined with overpopulation and understaffed police, and one can only wonder what will happen when a series of murders start happening across the city?

This conundrum is explored in the second season of “Derry Crime”, captured in a dark palette and ominous music through a brilliant cast that resonates bloodily in the din of Derry.

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Just like the first season, the second season has taken the internet by storm. In this season, viewers follow the journey of a seasoned investigative team trying to solve a murder mystery. Unlike the first, however, it paints a bigger picture of Delhi and the developing world in general.

“Delhi Crime” season 2 was written by original author Richie Mehta and directed by Tanuj Chopra. The star-studded cast includes Shefali Shah, Rasika Dugal, Rajesh Tailang, Adil Hussain, Tillotama Shome and Anurag Arora, among others.

The performances by some of the veteran actors are simply brilliant, their expressions capturing the stress and mental fatigue the characters are going through. Their performances aptly point out moral dilemmas and thought processes, giving audiences a window into the minds of these investigators.

The cinematography is beautifully done and I especially like the dark palette used to convey the darkness in the city. Sometimes hand-held footage is used to show the intensity of the developing storyline. On top of that, some deliberately long scenes help convey the importance of the subject.

The season begins with a series of gruesome elderly murders in some gated communities in Delhi. The murder’s modus operandi points to a gang that was active about 20 years ago, leaving police baffled. Unlike the first season, this season is not based on true stories, but uses fictional stories based on real gangs.

The investigation team is under pressure to close the case immediately. However, due to a lack of evidence, the police were left in the dark. Ethical issues jump into it, and it’s up to the team to decide what to do next.

Season 2 of ‘Derry Crime’ offers a nuanced portrayal of the investigative process. Everything from background checks to the use of technology and informant networks is brilliantly showcased. In some ways, the show gives viewers a glimpse into the world of crime investigation.

However, the series does not attempt to glorify the police force, nor does it sidestep the problems in the hidden system. Endemic corruption, systemic bias, and stereotyping of certain communities are a few of the issues that are well described on the show. The audience knew the system was crooked, and the performance was so persuasive that one couldn’t stop hoping that the case would go smoothly.

The role of the criminal justice system in a broader sense was also highlighted. We’ve seen immediate responses to murders because seniors are kept safe. We’ve seen social media reactions to police arrests.

Shows the inner lives of police men and women. They are growing further apart from their families, and their connections at work are reflected. Rasika Dugal’s character Neeti also portrays the stress the policewoman goes through in balancing family life with such a tough job.

We can definitely look forward to a slew of awards this season. With a gripping storyline and great execution, “Derry Crime” season 2 has just the right mix of fact and drama. For the curious mystery lover, this is the perfect collection for a weekend binge.


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