Equinox quotes, poems and Instagram captions shared this season

The autumn equinox is here – ushering in the autumn season (Credit: Getty)

Another summer has come and gone, now is the time autumn.

In the transitional season between sunny summers and snowy winters, many people love the cool temperatures, cozy nights, and pristine foliage on the ground.

Some also use fall as an opportunity to take stock of the year so far, or to embark on a fresh start. Anything is possible in autumn.

If that’s you — and you’re keen to post something to celebrate that fall is finally here — then you might consider some ebullient quotes and captivating poetry.

There are several options here.

Quotes to Commemorate the Autumn Equinox

“When autumn gets crisp, life starts all over again.” – The Great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald

I’m glad I live in a world that has October. – Anne of Green Gables, LM Montgomery

walk in the park in autumn

The vernal equinox occurs on Friday 23 September this year (Image: Getty)

“Of all the seasons, autumn has the greatest need for man, and the least of him.” – Home, by Hal Borland

Suddenly, summer collapsed into fall. – Oscar Wilde

“I’d rather sit on a pumpkin and have everything to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” – Henry David Thoreau

Autumn is the second spring, and every leaf is a flower. – Albert Camus

“Neither spring nor summer beauties are as graceful as I see in an autumn face.” -John Dorn

“April has never meant anything to me. Autumn seems to be the season of beginning, spring.” – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, Truman Capote

Autumn usually starts in late September or October 1 (Image: Getty)

‘Delicious fall! ‘ – George Eliot

“May the equinox be the beginning of something new in your life.” – Unknown

“There is something so special about the first leaves that fall from the trees, as if we were all allowed a chance to peel, rejuvenate, and start over.” – Ruth Ahmed

The first breaths of autumn are in the air, a sense of splurge, of wanting, grabbing and retaining before it’s too late. – JL Carl

‘How beautiful the leaves grow old. How bright and colorful their last days were. —John Burroughs.

equinox poem

autumn, leaves, autumn emily bronte

autumn, leaves, autumn; dead, flowers, gone;
lengthen the night, shorten the day;
Every leaf is telling my happiness
Fluttering from the autumn trees.
I will smile when the snow wreath
bloom where roses should grow;
I will sing when night falls
A more dreary day came.

Many of us love crisp, sunny autumn days (Image: Getty)

John Keats’ Autumn

misty seasons and plentiful fruits,
A close friend of the mature sun;
Conspiracy with him how to load and bless
The vines that surround the thatched hut bear fruit;
Bend the mossy cottage tree with apples,
Let all the fruits ripen to the core;
Inflate the gourd and plump the hazelnut shell
With sweet kernels; set sprouts more,
And more, later the melissa,
Until they think the warm days will never stop,
Because summer has packed their soggy cells.

Who doesn’t see you often in your store?
Sometimes people looking abroad may find
You sit carelessly on the floor of the granary,
your hair is blown by the wind;
Or fall asleep in half-ripened furrows,
drowsy in poppy smoke while your hook
Alternate next strip and all entwined flowers:
sometimes you’re like a pickup
Let your rewarded head cross a brook;
Or with a cider press, with a patient expression,
You watch the last ooze hour by hour.

Where is the song of spring? Ah, where are they?
Forget them, you have your music too,—
When mottled clouds bloom soft dying day,
stroke the plains of stubble with rose;
Then in a wailing choir, little mosquitoes mourn
In the sallow by the river, held high
or sink with life or death with the breeze;
Ripe lambs bleat from the Bonn hills;
Crickets sing; now the high notes are soft
The red-breasted duck in the little gardener whistles,
And gather swallows in the sky to chirp.

pumpkin growing in field

Pumpkins and harvest festivals also symbolize autumn (Image: Getty)

Shakespeare’s Sonnets 73

that time of year you can see in me

When yellow leaves, or none, or few, hang

On those shivering branches,

Bare choir where sweet birds sing.

You saw in me such a day’s twilight

As the sun sets in the west,

Gradually the night took away,

The second self of death closes everything up.

You see this fire in me

Lying on the ashes of his youth,

As the dying bed on which it must die,

Consume what it nourishes.

This is what you perceive, it makes your love stronger,

Love the one you must leave soon.

Gerard Manley Hopkins cheers at harvest

Summer is over; now, beautiful savage, high above

Approx; on top, what’s in vogue!what a lovely act

Silk bag cloud!Wilder, more capricious

Food drift ever took shape and melted in the sky?

I walk, I lift, I lift heart, eyes,

Bring down the glory of the heavens, and pick up our Saviour;

And, eyes, hearts, what looks, what lips gave you a

A fancier greeting with a truer, more rounded answer?

The blue hanging mountains are his unparalleled shoulders

Majestic – as a burly stallion, violet – sweet! ——

These things, these things are here, but bystanders

want; which two have ever met,

With wings in my heart, I’m getting bolder

Throw for him, oh, half the land for him at his feet.

Pumpkin spice makes everything good (Image: Getty)

Fall Instagram Captions

Visiting a pumpkin patch? Use these titles to impress your fans:

  • I love the fall from my heart
  • I’m in love with you
  • You are the patch of choice
  • spice, spice baby
  • orange is the new black
  • What season is the cutest? Wow.
  • Weird season is coming
  • Pumpkin Spice Makes Everything Good
  • The leaves are falling.Autumn is calling
  • don’t stop leaving
  • Sweater weather is better together

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