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Hair styling products with wax bases are making a comeback. Unlike many products on the market, hair wax is versatile and can be used on a variety of hair types, textures and lengths. However, men’s grooming specialist GATSBY has launched gatsby THE DESIGNER – a line of hair styling products that combines the best of oils, gels and clays.

For those of us familiar with gel formulations and Brylcreem (a hair cream produced by County Chemicals in 1928 at Chemico Works, Bradford Street, Birmingham, UK), you will notice that other hair styling products do not Great precision, flexibility to create layered looks, many of which just harden and leave your hair crunchy like Lego. Hair wax not only has staying power, but it also makes your style look more natural.


Despite all the styling benefits of wax, premium formulas tend to emphasize retention Compared to other considerations, this means that there is a lot of “stickiness” and “stickiness” when you use the product. When you run your fingers through your hair, you’ll notice that the “grip” of these formulas also removes hair-laden fingers from your scalp. The chemical nature of wax and some other hair styling products also means that it tends to be insoluble in water, and you’ll need to use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove it. The wax and scalp oil mixture can build up on the scalp if not removed completely. The result is usually: a flare-up of irritation, itching, and dandruff.

Introducing a better way, the GATSBY way: with gatsby THE DESIGNER

gatsby THE DESIGNER is a new premium hair line from Mandom Corp, makers of the popular wax GATSBY. It’s designed to be easy to wash off and gentle on hair, marking one of the few studio-grade hair styling lines in the consumer market outside of hair salons.

Formulated with waxes, oils and clays, gatsby THE DESIGNER is also one of the few hair styling products with a natural forest scent that conveys a different feel to freshly washed hair. Fougere Means “fern” in French and describes one of the main fragrance lines. Gatsby THE DESIGNER gives fresh floral notes like jasmine and freesia with a clean savon note that leaves your hair feeling fresh and “non-waxy” it’s truly the most natural hair styling product we’ve even Not getting applied yet.

on fingers and hair

Balancing the need for holding power and ease of use, this product surprised us with its incredible holding power and lack of stickiness. also, Just apply a thin layer of product to your fingertips and your hair will stay supple. This means you can adjust your style throughout the day without worrying about messy or unsightly residue or unpleasant sensations on your fingers or hair. This is useful for minor touch-ups or more dramatic changes as you go from a daytime makeup look to a more exciting, after-get off work night out.

The Team Trials gatsby THE DESIGNER: Amos Look 1 with EXTREME CLAY

This extreme clay is an effective clay; a pea-sized amount goes a long way. Lightweight and highly viscous, the clay provides medium hold and a matte finish. While it has great hold, we still recommend using hairspray as a follow-up, especially for voluminous hairstyles​​​. It works well with textured hairstyles like french tops, quiffs and curtain fringes.

Jonathan Look 1 with Hard Wax

The vitality of HARD WAX takes full advantage of its balanced strength and flexibility, allowing makeup artist Zoel Tee to make the most of the formula and add texture to Jonathan’s short hair. The hard wax allowed Zoel to pull up her short hair and arrange it into waves, with bangs pushed up for a layered and sophisticated look. Given its functionality, the same lift can also be used to recreate the Mission Impossible “pointy hair” look popularized by Tom Cruise in the 2000s.

Matte Hard Wax with a dry natural finish completes the illusion of effortless style for editors by adding up and down movement variation. What’s more, it’s a very easy-to-replicate look. Short-cut hair still looks smooth, but natural, not “smooth.”

Amos Look 2 with GEL GREASE

The heavier Chow Yun Fatt “God of Gamblers” haircut can take advantage of glossy GEL GREASE for a light and cool wet look. The most obvious advantage of gatsby THE DESIGNER GEL GREASE is that it can easily create a cocktail party or formal look, with high gloss, wet hair, while updating avoid LEGO hair styling by maintaining the rough action and visible texture of the hairstyle. You can also use this Products and hard waxes to add volume to fine hair.

Daryll’s AERO UP WAX look


AERO UP WAX is perfect for those who like ultra-textured finishes. Great for short hair and also for slightly curly hair without worrying about getting your curls wet. This creamy pomade gives room to create different hairstyles like bangs and curtain fringes, while keeping hair in place throughout the day with a glossy finish. It also smells amazing. Perfect for individuals who like a modern look and can change styles from time to time.

Jonathan Look 2 with MODE WAX

MODE WAX’s liquid-like consistency glides easily on hands and applies to damp hair for an effortlessly soft finish. It’s re-shapeable, doesn’t make hair look frizzy, and has just the right texture. Suitable for most short to medium haircuts that need a thoughtful look. Once the product has been cut and threaded through the hair, blow-dry on low heat to hold the style in place. It’s glossy, but doesn’t convey the “wet hair” look, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall arrangement: think Korean star Hyun Bin’s casual look.

If you’re looking for a versatile styling tool, look no further than gatsby THE DESIGNER. The collection launched on August 15 and is available through its website.

(Photo: Amos Chin / Editor: Aaron Lee / Product Image: GATSBY)

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