Girl trips over lies – blurred reality

We are more than half done rise to fameand now the cast is halfway through, with only six players remaining.

Of the six, the show clearly tells us who three of them are: Amara is Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter, Louise is Simone Biles’ sister, and LC is Keke Palmer’s sister. This leaves Lark, Logan, and Pepper in place for the time being.

For this week’s challenge, they received a handwritten note from the producer — the show couldn’t even afford a printer — and walked all the way to the living room, where they sat at a poker table that was taken to the mansion.

Challenge: Ask each other to see who can keep a poker face – while attaching a polygraph.

The winner will be the least deceptive; the bottom two will be the most deceptive as measured by the Silent Polygraph Man and his up and down thumbs.

It’s an interesting idea, except the lie detector doesn’t work. For more than 20 years, their results have been unacceptable in federal court, and even Amazon reviewers know they are rubbish.

sound Saying all lie detectors really do is measure anxiety, so that would be a test I could pass.

What makes this a particularly interesting challenge is if the player is first trained on how to beat a polygraph, which basically involves feeling anxious or distressed during control problems.

Instead, it sees polygraphs as reliable. “I don’t really think you can beat a polygraph,” Amara said, thus contributing to the role of pop culture in convincing people that polygraphs work.

Well, I’ll get off my polygraph soap box.

The actual challenge is to face several yes or no questions chosen by the group, although only one person can ask: the person who drew the highest card.

While the actor decides the question, another player leaves the room for something labeled “polygraph briefing”, which I think is the Silent Polygraph Man’s management of the control problem.

There are a range of reactions to the actual test. Louise joked: “I have RBF, but it doesn’t help me.”

When LC was strapped on, she said, “I was shaking uncontrollably,” before sharing that she was “milliseconds away from a full-blown panic attack.”

although rise to fame Liked to give us all the answers, the editor only showed us that the polygraph administrator gave us the thumbs up for the answers we mostly already knew, like the nun costume wasn’t a clue to Amara (she lied and said no; it was, because sister act). Like Kay said her relatives didn’t come forward but that was considered fake.

Is this exercise useful? No. It took a lot of time, not much time at all.

Pepper’s relatives remained elusive, and after answering her three questions, Amara said, “I feel like I’ve got nothing.” LC said something similar after Logan’s answer: “I know as much as I know.”

Kay, who is Tiffany Haddish's sister, is attached to a polygraph during the claim to fame episode 6 challenge
Kay, who is Tiffany Haddish’s sister, is attached to a polygraph during the Challenge to Claim Fame Episode 6 (Photo by John Flano/ABC)

Since everyone already knew who Louise’s relatives were, and she knew they did, she seemed to be the clear winner of the challenge because she had no reason to lie.

Logan told us, “If Louise wins this challenge and she gains immunity again, I’ll pull out all my hair, lie in a tub without water, and cry.” Alas, that’s what he didn’t deliver ‘s promise – or if he delivers and the clip is cut, it would be a real crime.

Kay’s strategy is to trip Louise by asking stupid questions. Kay asks if she finds Logan attractive when it comes to farting and blaming others, and vice versa, “Did you know your feet smell like Fritos?”

Logan calls it “reckless,” but I disagree. Given that lie detectors are stupid in the first place – can you say I don’t like them? ! — which seemed to be the best strategy for getting Louise to react with anxiety and fail the test.

The winner, of course, was Louise, who was granted immunity for the third time. The silent lie detector gave Kay and Amara the biggest objection, determining they lied the most. That’s when the real drama begins.

Amara wants to be ready to be cast in guesswork so she can call out Kai – that’s what LC told Kai. She also has support from other players. Pepper said to Amara, “Now is your time”.

Amala comes in during this conversation and tells Kai that she thinks the answer to her clue is Tiffany Haddish.Kay goes to great lengths to dissuade Amara, pointing out that there are several interesting women in it girl travelbut Amara did not waver.

Tiffany Haddish hosts 'Kids Say the Worst Things' revival with Matthew
Tiffany Haddish on another ABC reality show: The revival of kids saying the worst things, Matthew (Photo by Eric McCandless/ABC)

However, Amara does offer another way, saying “we can avoid this shit and choose someone else in the middle”, asking Kai if she knows anything about Lark.

Kay shares the lark clues she’s seen (received by Brittany). That’s “The Queen of the Runway in Eight T-Shirts,” which is pretty vague compared to the others (please, “Packers’ quarterback”).

However, Amara misread it, thinking the dice showed 11, not 8, which pointed her to Sandra Bullock, somewhere in between Miss beauty pageant and Ocean Eight. Ironically, Sandra Bullock didn’t actually attend Eleven Arhatsbut in Ocean Eight.

Lark confronts Kai for sharing her clues, and Kai is honest, saying it’s a “last minute attempt to save his ass.” No lies found there!

Meanwhile, Louise’s reward for winning is getting another clue, and Logan suggests that Louise choose Amara’s clue to confirm Whoopi Goldberg. That’s what Louise does, though she insists it’s what she wants to do.

When Louise looked at Amara’s clue, the answer immediately appeared on the screen.hell, even survivor Not an in-game rebus puzzle for kids! The answer is “Breakthrough Roll in Color Purr Pull”.

Although Whoopi Goldberg starred Purple And won a Golden Globe, she was nominated for an Oscar along with Oprah Winfrey. Could this also be considered Oprah’s breakout role?

Interestingly and/or coincidentally, rebus’ thread uses Wikipedia language almost verbatim, calling the film “a breakthrough role starring Whoopi Goldberg” and “Oprah Winfrey” Ray’s film debut”.

The reenactment may not have challenged audiences, but it was a challenge for Louise, who sought help from LC. In the kitchen. So Amara walked in and they tried to solve the puzzle. Awkward! Even more embarrassing is LC’s refusal to show it to Amara. Louse ended up just saying it was Amara’s clue and blaming Logan.

Amara confronted Logan, sort of, and he lied that he suggested Louise get her lead “so no one else can get it.”

Logan tells us his real “plan is for girls to fight each other and eat each other,” and I hope he reconsiders the language.

In a far less dramatic speculation than usual, players voted Amara as the guesser as she wished, choosing Kai and correctly identifying her relationship with Tiffany Haddish.

Kai reveals that he is not Kai at all, but Jasmine English, the game designer and sister of Tiffany Haddish.

next week, rise to fame Getting rid of immunity, perhaps means this will be another less dramatic elimination, especially if the player chooses Louise. Maybe we’ll soon be down to players we don’t even know relatives, making the game less obvious to everyone.

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