Gospel music is also a lucrative genre – Sekatawa

Tell us about Jesse Sekatawa.
Jesse is a down-to-earth gospel artist who loves God, people, and music.
Why Gospel Music?
Gospel music is a reflection of my life, and I love God and music, so it’s always been that way. I am a person of faith and I want to share my faith with others.
How many songs have you made so far?
I’ve released 25 songs that make up my debut album. I have Hope & Restoration and Too Blessed to Stress albums.
Tell us about your musical journey?
I started playing guitar as a teenager and writing music with friends for fun. Eventually, I started composing for myself and recording for mass consumption.
How did you learn to play guitar?
I took some YouTube courses. I also read a few books about it and then continued to develop my craft through constant practice and imagination.
Who inspired you musically?
Pato, a childhood friend of mine challenged me to learn guitar and I accepted it after realizing I wasn’t going to be a footballer, it’s always been a dream of mine.
What happened to that football dream?
Not all dreams come true, mine fell short due to injuries that I couldn’t, and I found another passion.
What challenges have you faced while making gospel music?
Not sure what I know now when I started. If I do, then I’ll be ahead of the game.
In your project, what stands out?
Luckily, the album doesn’t have to be emphasized because I’m more mature in production, and the lyrics show that. It featured a lot of my favorite artists from different groups of people and it was a huge success.
Who are the artists on this album?
Limoblaze, A Mose, Rabbi Le Prince, Virtuoz, Kingdmusic and Orlando Rivera.
It is generally accepted that gospel music is not a lucrative genre. This is real?
It depends on who makes it and how they sell the product. If you think of your career as a business, you have to find creative ways to make money, which is sometimes impossible for most entertainers.
How would you describe your career?
My career is a journey and it takes my place.
Can anyone make a living from music?
Yes, but you need a team because it takes more work and the music doesn’t just stop at what’s going on in the studio.
Songwriting is only 10% of the music business. This is hard to do on your own.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
I thank God for a fresh day, a new day to start over and win, or to build on and build on what I’ve achieved before.
What’s the first thing you do at work?
Log in to my work computer.
doing what?
Outside of music, I’m a health analyst and look at tons of data that happens to be Protected Health Information (PHI) that I do on my work computer.

Your earliest childhood memory is…?
Playing football with my brother Isaac because he is competitive and playing against him all the time is a good challenge.
We never wanted to be on the same team because we wanted to compete in every aspect of the game.
Who was your first best friend?
Lulu, she was an amazing person and still a good friend. She loves music and every time I’m in Uganda we catch up and the atmosphere is great.
The first book you read?
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
What was your first job?
Landscaping. I made this with my friends in high school and it was fun to make money together so we could buy football boots.
The first salary was…?
$50 for the first lawn we cut from our first job.
What are you doing with this money?
I bought a football kit.
current job?
I’m a health analyst with the Virginia Department of Health.
do you like your job?
It gave me the opportunity to serve the local community through my skills.
Most memorable experience?
Watching Arsenal, my favourite team live on the pitch was one of the best moments of my life.
I’ve had the pleasure of watching Arsenal a number of times, but can’t remember the first specific game because it’s become a tradition to watch one or two games a season.

Not going after what I started doing because I listened to other people’s fears.

How did you overcome listening to people’s advice?
I stopped letting their fears define me and it helped me a lot, I learned to know what was best for me and then to do it.

Best advice…my dad used to tell me “you can never just watch on tv, all the people you see on tv do some amazing things that take time to learn and master. So if you want to Be more productive, then reduce your screen time.” That changed my life forever.

Your hobby is…
Reading and traveling allow me to learn from different cultures.


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