Great previews for August 2022 and September 2022 horror movies

One of my favorite things about watching horror movies in theaters is the exciting preview before the movie.

When I went to see Jordan Peele’s No In theaters, there are four previews of the horror/thriller, the fifth of the film until, A biographical drama about Emmett Till, and while it’s a truly gruesome story about a mother’s relentless pursuit of justice for her 14-year-old son, it doesn’t fit the horror genre.

Here are the four horror movies that hit theaters in August and September, arranged by release date.

Beast opens on Thursday, August 18

Idris Elba leads his teenage daughters in the fight for survival on the South African savannah

This is probably the one I’m least excited about, aside from Idris Elba (The Wire, Suicide Squad) is definitely a contender for GOAT (the greatest ever). This seems like a straight-forward survival thriller, and the monster isn’t supernatural — it’s a still-horrific lion turned into a bloodthirsty apex predator after a surviving poacher. I love giant crocodiles, great white sharks and pythons as monsters, but I’m not sure I can get behind majestic lions as animals that need to be defeated.

Idris Elba plays a widowed doctor who returns to South Africa with his teenage daughters (Iliana Halle and Leah Jeffries) on a mission aimed at healing. Met his deceased wife on a trip to reconnect. They go to a game reserve run by his friend and wildlife biologist Martin Bartels, played by South African native Sharlto Copelli, where they clash with a vicious lion. This looks like a straight-forward predator-vs-prey survival movie, and I kind of wish it had more to justify the massive talent in it.

Invitations, published August 26

A survival thriller vampire movie full of beauties, and I’m here for it

after a recent critical failure Mobius, I long for a good vampire movie. The star Natalie Emanuel (game of Thrones) as an Evie, a young woman who finds herself alone in this world when the single mother of her only family member dies. In search of a connection, she uses one of the ancestral services and unearths her English cousin Oliver (Hugh Skinner) (flea bag), who invited her to the wedding across the pond and everyone was “eager” to see her. She arrives at a beautiful remote estate, where she is greeted by a very handsome family friend, Walter, played by Thomas Doherty (gossip Girl).

Evie is fascinated by Walter and the strange and beautifully lavish accommodation, but strange things begin to unsettle her – where is the bride for this wedding? The romance between Evie and Walter is distracting, but at a masquerade dinner where the servant becomes the meal, Evie realizes she’s stuck her neck out for an invitation from a complete stranger (see what I’m doing there what?).

Jessica M. Thompson directed in her first full-length feature film, Invitation card It looked very stylized, visually stunning, and had a really good time! This one looks like the bloodiest of these exciting previews, and I say go on!

Don’t worry dear, it’s September 23rd

a new twist stephen wife

The third of these exciting previews is don’t worry dear Starring Florence Pugh (Midsummer Night) and Harry Styles (Eternals) as newlyweds in the 1950s, they moved to an idyllic utopian neighborhood, the brainchild of Chris Pine (wonder woman) character Frank.

This neighborhood is tightly integrated with all amenities, yet seems free.reminiscent the great gatsby in its luxury and gust Disturbing imagery – director Olivia Wilde (who also plays Rabbit) and her all-star cast shot the plot at least right stephen wifeif not a copy of it – gives us a sexy, twisty roller coaster ride dominated by an oppressive, patriarchal control freak.

This preview has been around for a while and has definitely piqued my interest – I’ll see this in theaters because it looks majestic and worth watching on the big screen.

Smile, opening September 30

After seeing all these exciting trailers, this is probably the movie I’m most excited about.

Smile Here’s the last exciting trailer for the upcoming horror movie before I get used to Jordan Peele’s movie No – Probably the most exciting.

Psychiatrist Roscott, Socie Bacon (13 reasons), after experiencing a traumatic and inexplicable event in which her patient died during a session (though death seems to be the wrong word for what the preview suggests), after which she began to experience the same bizarre expression of the patient Phenomenon – seeing people smile, or rather seeing an entity reveal itself through people’s smiles? What’s scarier than a giant smirk and dead eyes? Isn’t that huge fake smile part of the reason people are afraid of clowns?

Anyway, full of horrific images and horrific events (a woman fell off a glass table, a man screamed she was dying, and a man was engulfed in flames) – Ross had 7 days (Allah ring) She herself succumbed to this evil after an incident with her patient. There’s a lot in the preview, and I hope it doesn’t reveal too much.

Written and directed by Parker Finn in his first full-length feature, the story seems to have been inspired in some way it follows, I really like it. I hope this is as good as it looks because it looks scary.

As fall begins (another pun, I’m happy), we’re heading into Halloween and beyond, with more potentially great horror movies on the horizon. Which one are you most looking forward to?

Which upcoming horror movie are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

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