(gun) home on the range

In an era of black and white, good and bad, right and wrong, even strong and weak, I have a guilty pleasure. I have a solid pick that seems particularly fitting, especially with regard to where we stand today in Texas.Our home on the range is now range.

Of course we watch or read reports or read stories about road rage and code rage, we complain about innocent men, women and children dying in schools, grocery stores, churches and other public places, and our political representatives carefully monitor Our collective pulse on the issue, seems to be wading into gun control legislation. undeniable.But it’s a gun real problem?

Are my liberal friends listening (and ready to pounce)?

I’ll say it again. Are guns the real problem?

or they are just a fatal symptoms?

Aren’t we a culture obsessed with crime and murder sprees? Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Vudu, Hulu – check out their most popular shows, especially for men and young men. Are we not happy?

revenge Sell. Righteous and even pseudo-righteous indignation lined the pockets of conservative and liberal ancestors of unprovoked violence. Most of us buy guns without anyone specifically firing at them. We’re just forced to get streaming services and infotainment ready.

We must be ready to protect our land, our family or our way of life. Most of us don’t have much life, and few of us have the life that others want or even want to take on. But we are obsessed with vigilance.

Can’t date, have sex, or compete with people of color? Can’t we proudly lift our sexist, chauvinistic, racist, or pseudo-just minds? Does anyone disrespect us or challenge our scams, our hustle, our family excesses or our personal indulgences? Or the renegades threatening our family?

(This is my liberal friend against.) What would the role of James Gandolfini be? The Sopranos Do?what will be the role of bryan cranston breaking Bad Do? What would Jason Bateman’s role be? Ozark Do? What about Kevin Costner’s character in the movie? yellowstone park?

Do I still need to ask?

In America, good people, semi-good people, and even sometimes serialized good people solve their problems with guns – we all love to watch. We prefer bad people (or other people we think are bad people or a threat to our bad things) to die. This is box office gold. It’s a hooded, tuxedo-worthy honor at the Oscars, and parade-worthy, transportation-named, and almost anywhere else with city-key grit. This is the American way, especially lately.

But I looked around and couldn’t help but think of my goal. It is also black and white.This is the 1962 movie version to kill a robin.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Harper Lee books. I read it at least four or five times.But for me, facing Atticus Finch always Gregory Pike. A white male protagonist trying to do the right thing. A white lawyer seeking justice, regardless of time period or an all-white male jury.A white man challenges the oppressor Jim Crow atmosphere This pervaded all aspects of his community in 1962 – isn’t it amazing that we haven’t gotten very far?

I don’t think many Americans remember the movie, but maybe they deserve some relaxation. It appeared 60 years ago.and to kill a robin It’s a small train that thinks it can. At least for a while.

Does any of you remember Pike as Atticus Finch? Did you know he won an Oscar for Best Actor for this role?

In fact, did you know – according to American Film InstituteThe First 100 Years Movie List of the Greatest Movie Heroes of All Time – Gregory Peck’s Atticus Finch Ranking number 1? That’s No. 1, ahead of Harrison Ford’s Indiana JonesSean Connery James Bond (not dr), Humphrey Bogart’s Rick Bryan (Casablanca) and Gary Cooper’s Marshall Kane (noon).Apparently John McClain of Bruce Willis is in stubborn stubbornSylvester Stallone Rambo, Die Hard 5 (good day to die hard), Rambo 5 (Rambo: Last Blood), and the upcoming Friends spinoff, Die Hambo: Let’s make a billion dollars Furry bloodthirsty addicted fool.

Atticus Finch’s children are threatened. Another white man even spat in his face. Dirty Harry (Dirty Raven will not be supported. Duke won’t lie down, won’t Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzeneggeror Matt Damon – they’ll put a hat on someone’s butt or blow someone’s skull out. We are Americans, damn it!

Atticus Finch’s courage is quiet and solemn. Atticus Finch’s courage is frank and gentle.

Atticus Finch didn’t have a pistol, he used a shotgun just to kill a mad dog – And rabies in dogs usually symbolizes rabies of ignorance and ignorance.

It looks weird now, right?

These days, our most ignorant friends and neighbors are stocking up on guns ready to go Frozen queen. What happened to us?

We’ve always had the chance to be Atticus Finches, but we chose”god and gun“Beyond true courage and a potential death bargain, beyond empathy and human dignity.

Do we still have real courage or dignity?

The recent splurge on gun ranges is not reassuring. — emergency room bill

Fort Worth native ER Bills is Texas Forgotten: Mysterious Disappearances, Escapes, and Coverups (History Press 2021) and Fear and Loathing in the Lone Star State (2021).

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