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100 Years in Highlands: Country Club Celebrates Centennial

posted on Fri, Aug 12, 2022 at 8:23pm

This weekend kicks off the week-long Highland County Club Centennial Celebration. According to Centennial Chairman Summer Deal, the week-long event was held to mark the club’s 100th anniversary.

“This week is a tribute to the club’s legacy over the years,” Deere said. “This is a private club and probably one of the few that has been around for this long. We are very proud of the club’s legacy and would like to pay tribute to all our members and celebrate our 100th year as a club.”

According to the country club’s website, since its founding in 1922, the club has been an integral part of the Lagrange community, providing residents with a place for recreation, business and sports.

“I’ve been a member for 42 years, so it’s incredible to see this place still standing in its glory,” said centennial committee member Jan Wieland.

Friday kicked off the festivities with a party. The theme of the party is family and includes live music and activities for the kids of club members.

Scott said: “If there’s anything beyond the frenzy and going through all the trials and tribulations that everyone has been through over the years at Highland Country Club and all the trials and tribulations they’ve been here lately, it’s definitely a case of our members being able to thrive. privilege,” said Scott Gordy, a proud member of the club.

Halfway through the party, the Highlands County Club Board unveiled a centennial flag, officially marking the beginning of the club’s 100th anniversary celebration.

According to Deal, all of the events taking place next week will lead to a gala event on Friday, August 19th.

This week’s activities are as follows:

On Saturday, the club will host a golf tournament.

On Tuesday the 16th, there will be a Ladies Games morning followed by a taco and bingo night for all members.

Wednesday will be a men’s night centered on golf, the Warriors and BBQ.

The final event will be Friday’s Centennial Celebration, which will feature live music and a number of very special events for members, Deal said.

“I think it feels great to keep this club going for 100 years. My dad was a member, so I remember being here as a kid,” said longtime club member Tracy Woods.

According to the Troup County Archives, the Highland Country Club was designed by Neel Reid, who also designed the famous Callaway residence Hills and Dales.

One of the club’s many historic features is the famous golf course designed by Donald Ross. Ross was a Scottish immigrant who came to the United States in 1899, and like most immigrants at the time, they were looking for an opportunity to realize the “American Dream.” During his lifetime, Ross designed more than 400 golf courses.

Historically, the club has been frequented by many celebrities and public figures, often seen golfing or hanging out. Some of the characters often seen are Danny Thomas (founder of St Jude’s Hospital), Alfred and Nasol Mansour (part-owner of Mansour department store) and Lewis R.” Judge Pete” Morgan (former U.S. Board of Appeals judge).

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