Holy Broadway, Batman!The Musical to Superhero Pipeline

The superhero universe inspired by Marvel and DC Comics has given way to an epic cross between the stage and screen communities. While singing and dancing at eight shows a week is a kind of superpower in itself, many triple threat performers find themselves standing up for justice in a variety of projects from Marvel Studios, Warner Bros., The CW, and more.

and She-Hulk: Lawyer Marvel premiered on Disney+ on August 18, and once again grabbed everyone’s attention.The series stars Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, while Mark Ruffalo reprises his role as Bruce Banner/Hulk (he has been playing the role since 2012 This The Avengers), as well as musical theatre performers Renée Elise Goldsberry and Josh Segarra, who are breaking into comics.

For nearly two decades, Goldsberry’s work has wowed Broadway fans lion king, Purple, rentand Hamiltonthis is her long-term background singer in the hit TV series Allie McBealShe’ll be making her superhero genre debut in the series, not as a super-powerful person, but as a perfectionist lawyer who works in the same firm as Walters.Saqqara, the most famous Broadway At your foot!and Off-Broadway Musical Arrangements air combat, Play the duo’s no-problem colleague Augustus “Pug” Pugliese. Who knows, maybe they’ll be wearing bodysuits at the end of the series.

Needless to say, the pipeline from musicals to superheroes is quite broad, which seems to be parodied in Marvel Studios’ 2021 Disney+ series Hawkeye Through a Captain America-themed musical sequence (dubbed Rogers: The Musicall) Starring Broadway’s Adam Pascal. Here’s a list of “goofy, beloved” performers who made their big break in stage musicals before starring in superhero projects. (Excluding the movie musical, sorry for the OG-Newsie-turned-Batman Christian Bale.)

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Playbill / Chuck Zlotnick – Sony Pictures

Twelve-year-old Tom Holland has yet to dance on Broadway, but he plays the lead role in London’s West End. Billy Elliott Two years from 2008 to 2010 – no surprise to anyone who watched him perform on Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” lip sync combat. After his run, he had small roles in movies impossible, how i live nowand in the center of the sea Before starting his role as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Holland first appeared as Peter Parker/Spider-Man (a character previously promoted by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield) in the 2016 action film Captain America: Civil War Before his own film of the same name, Spider-Man: Homecoming, debuted the following year.However, after its release, he reprised the role in a total of six Marvel movies Spider-Man: Nowhere to Gohis future in the film industry is unknown.

Ariana Debos as Calypso
Matifikala/Marvel Comics

The 2022 star is headed to Sony’s Spider-Man universe.This west side story Oscar winner makes Broadway debut in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 2012 adaptation of the musical bring it onwhich ended up on Broadway as Disco Donna in Summer: Donna Summer Musical, after playing jane The Bronx Story musicals and bullets Hamilton. She went on to star in Ryan Murphy’s film adaptation prom A musical comedy series as Alyssa Green and Apple TV+ Schmidt!

DeBose will be in the upcoming Kraven hunter movie, joining the cast as supervillain Calypso, a voodoo priestess who manipulated Kraven to work with Spider-Man.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Heather Gershonowitz / JAMES FISHER – 20TH CENTURY STUDIOS

Hugh Jackman played a memorable role in a 20th Century Fox movie. X-Men film, a brief but action-packed portrayal of Wolverine – a role often considered his breakthrough in the film industry.He played the role nine times in 17 years before saying goodbye to the 2017 film Loganfollowed by greatest performer (The kids in our theater continue to win).

But before that, he was a stage actor, racking up accolades through Walt Disney productions and the West End before making his Broadway debut as Peter Allen in 2003. boy from Oz. Two-time Tony winner goes on to play a steady rain and riverand his own concert resident, Hugh Jackman: Back on BroadwayCurrently leading Musician with Sutton Foster.

Jordan Fisher as Impulse
Photo courtesy of CW

While Jordan Fisher’s ensemble role in the Disney musical has been in his teenage years Teen Beach Movies and he is The Secret Lives of American Teens and and Liv and Maddiehe caught Broadway’s attention when he played Doody Grease: Live (Photo by Fox).Soon after, he made his Broadway debut Hamilton as John Lawrence/Philip Hamilton Continue to lead Fox’s disaster-prone 2016 Rent: live as Mark Cohen before dabbling in Netflix movies To all the boys: PS I still love you and Hello, goodbye, and everything in between.

Now, he plays Bart Allen/Impulse (AKA Kid Flash) on The CW flash, Join the show in 2021.His fast-talking, crime-fighting character is Barry Allen/The Flash’s son, by Happy singer Grant Gustin.

Anthony Ramos core
Poster/Marvel Comics

Last week, when Anthony Ramos was found in his core After announcing their participation in the series in February 2022, they will be wearing a red hoodie, black slacks and grey tank tops. in the highlandsRamos makes Broadway debut in smash hit musical Hamilton, went on to win 11 Tony Awards.Since then, the performer has been going from stage to screen with notable accolades (except in the highlands) inside A star is born Remake, Family Animated Movie bad guys and TV series blind spot.

With his upcoming Marvel debut, he’s been chosen to lead the next Transformers The franchise — but he’s not having the good guys on his side in the upcoming superhero franchise. Although unconfirmed, rumor has it that he will play the villainous character Hood (presumed based on recent photos), a petty criminal who gains powerful demonic powers.

Ciara Renee as Hawkgirl
Photo courtesy of CW

Best known for her Broadway role big fish, Pippin, freezingand waitress, What superhero projects has Ciara Renée starred in? Here’s a hint: These are three different shows on The CW.Stage and screen performers have appeared in flash, arrowand DC’s Legends of Tomorrow As Kendra Sanders/Hawkeye.

Her character goes through the centuries and is brought in by the Egyptian high priestess, Chay-Ara. She has super sharp claws, wings and increased strength.

Patrick Wilson as Orm Marius/Ocean Master
Flyer/Courtesy DC Entertainment

before fighting the devil magician Franchise, win hearts This phantom opera Movie adaptation and kicking superhero ass Neptune, Patrick Wilson studied drama at Carnegie Mellon University and performed music on Broadway.The actor made his Broadway debut The charming rhythm of the Gershwins Before joining the production company in 1999 The Six Heroes of the Light Pig (got his first Tony nomination), Oklahoma! (another Tony’s name), and this drama bare feet in the park.

Inspired by DC characters and part of the DC Extended Universe, Wilson plays Orm Marius/Ocean Master in the 2018 film Neptune and its upcoming successor. He’s introduced as a villain trying to destroy human life due to ocean pollution, but is expected to show his weaker side in the 2023 sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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