‘House of the Dragon’ gets another red wedding in Westeros

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Welcome back to the “House of the Dragon” review! In episode five, “We Light the Way,” alliances are formed, allegiances are broken, and another bloody royal wedding enters the “Game of Thrones” pantheon. Here’s all the latest news from Westeros. House of the Dragon airs on HBO Max.

King’s Landing has seen some unlikely sources of drama – we can now add fashion (especially a dress) to the list. The fifth episode of “House of the Dragon” — titled “We Light The Way,” the Hightower family motto — appears to mark Allison Targaryen (Emily Kelly) as truly being herself Moment. Previously, we’ve seen her endure the marriage room, her fraught friendship with Rhaenyla (Millie Alcock), and her new role as a mother. But here, she finally made her stand. However, before we get to her big moment, we have to deal with the engagement.

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big news in westeros

It’s a great day for another red wedding. Finally, Rhaenyra has to face her royal fate as her wedding to Leno Valerian (Theo Nate) takes center stage in this week’s story. For Game of Thrones fans, there’s been an ominous feeling from the start of the episode, which isn’t surprising, as Otto Hightower (Rhys Evans) makes a dramatic exit from court, This spells disaster for Allison. He suggested that if Rhaenyra became queen, her children would have to pray for mercy. After all, the easiest way for Rhaenia to support her claims is to eliminate her potential opponents—even if they are her half-siblings.


Photo by Ollie Upton/HBO

While Allison is annoyed, King Viserys (Paddy Considine) and Rhaenyra rush to Drift Mark to officially get engaged. Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint) and Rhaenys (Eve Best, welcome back) make the ailing king wait in a palace power shift before formally discussing their child’s engagement. Corlys is apparently still planning to get his family close to the Iron Throne, even though his wife has all but calmed her down as queen.

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Meanwhile, on the beach, Leno and Rhaenyra enjoy a slightly warmer reunion. They’ve known each other since birth and quickly agreed on their marriage: Rhaenyra advises Leno to continue seeing his lover Joffrey Longmouth (Sollie Macleod), while she also continues to have her own matter. It seemed like a perfect arrangement until Rhaenyra’s lover and Kingsguard protector, Sir Christon Cole (Fabien Frankel), begged her to forget the throne and run away with him – which Rhaenyra quickly refused made this proposal.


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To Sir Christon, it appears that Rhaenyra is choosing her birthright over him – but viewers will realize that Rhaenyra is trying to explain birthright beyond a title, citing Aegon the Conqueror’s Dark Prophecy A Song of Ice and Fire (her father was with her in the series premiere). Unfortunately, Rhaenyra’s rejection, and Sir Christon’s failure to understand the reasons for her choice, make up the darkest part of the episode.

A Royal Wedding Goes Wrong


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Back in King’s Landing, Alysent makes a guilty Sir Christon admit that Rhaenyla lied to her face about that wild night in King’s Landing and her “Girls’ Generation” – not a small betrayal, because Alli Sent and King Viserys vouched for Rhaenyra (a move that eventually resulted in Alicent’s father losing his hand and leaving the field). So the queen began to carve a path for herself.

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Enter: dress. Readers will know that the Targaryen Civil War in George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood is often divided into “Blacks” and “Greens” thanks to Allison and Rhaenyra in the big game. clothes to wear.

We get a parallel moment in this episode, where Emily Kelly perfectly plays a stoic Allison, arriving late to the engagement feast in a stunning emerald green dress. It was a statement semi-allegiance change of clothing, well known to all the lords and ladies in attendance.


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But “The Dress” was just one of the tumultuous moments at the engagement reception. Dimon’s (Matt Smith) timing is as bad as ever, having just brutally murdered his wife in Vale in the opening moments of the episode. Meanwhile, Viserys tries to keep himself together while his wife in a green dress ignores him. Elsewhere, Leno’s lover, Joffrey, affectionately tries to protect his partner’s interests. Then there’s Sir Christon Cole, watching his seemingly happy ex-lover marry someone else.

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The music sped up, the camera moved quickly from one lingering glance to another, and it all felt comfortably (and uncomfortably) familiar: this is Westeros in Game of Thrones, observing Participation is just as important, and gossip is king (or queen). Royal weddings are usually accompanied by a head count.


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When all the tension boils over, it’s chaos. Criston brutally killed the loyal Joffrey and then began to point his dagger at him – but he was stopped by Queen Allicent (so his loyalty changed, to be sure). Oh, the silent wedding ended with a sickly King Viserys passing out. This is not a whirlwind. This is a full-blown hurricane.

most memorable lines

Alicent’s calling Rhaenyra a “stepdaughter” is actually dripping poison. It’s an interesting moment, but like the Rhaenyla vs. Rhaenys scene in the second episode, the writer can’t help but wish that women in this misogynistic and patriarchal world would be on the same side for once.

Episode MVP

Emily Kelly’s complicated and emotional farewell to her on-screen father was perfect. Likewise, Eve Best just energizes whatever scene she’s in.


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What our critics say

It’s the most uplifting episode of “House of the Dragon” to date, albeit with some worrying elements. Once again, LGBTQ+ characters in the Thrones universe suffered violent endings. Even more disturbing is that Joffrey’s death doesn’t seem to really add to the way the characters or the plot develop — the fight between Damon and Christon, for example, would have heightened confusion and tension in the same way. While not a major storyline, the episode also featured a dual disability in the form of a tiresome Larry Strong (Matthew Needham) and his new alliance with Allison exhaustion metaphor. It’s not shocking, but the Thrones universe has a long way to go in terms of diversity and representation.

Still, in a damn good episode, these end up being minor misgivings. In fact, “We Light The Way” takes us back to the days when waiting an entire week between episodes of “Game of Thrones” was nearly impossible.


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Almost everything in this episode is in perfect harmony – beautiful soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi; interesting new players like Savannah Steyn as Laena Velaryon; and some really exciting scenes like Rhaenyra in Valyrian The demon was verbally chopped off.

Perhaps most importantly, “We Light the Way” provides a great send-off for younger versions of Alice and Raenyra, with Emily Carey and Milly Alcock delivering arguably their best performances on the series to date. Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke will fill some of the vacancies when they take office next week.

next week

10 year time jump.

The first season of House of the Dragon is a 10-episode medieval fantasy series. New episodes are released weekly until October 23rd. Featuring: Millie Alcock, Paddy ConsidineEmma Darcy, Matt Smith, Emily Kelly, Olivia CookSteve Toussaint, Eve Best, Fabien Frankel, Mizuno Sonoya, Reese Evans.

About the author: Chloe Johnson is a freelance writer, magazine editor and longtime fan of Sansa Stark. You can find her other work at The Bookseller, The Grammys and The Independent.

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