I’ll never really love someone who doesn’t read – luckily a new app is about to change my life

Klerb (like a profile? No sexier name?) aims to bring readers together

August 16, 2022 at 12:27 pm(Updated at 12:28 PM)

Tinder for book lovers is coming, and what a great idea. The New York tech folks behind Klerb (we’ll get back to the name) are already emphasizing that this isn’t a connectivity app — but we all know how this is going to play out.

Books are a love language for big readers like me, and while exchanging referrals isn’t foreplay, put me on something I don’t know, or know who Logan Mountstuart or Ignatius J Reilly are, for sure Will bring them closer to my book filling the bedroom.

Those rare moments when you realize you and someone you just met are fans of some obscure brilliance, those rare moments to me are like the sheer clarity of imagining a game. My last serious relationship started after changing books at 3am and I swear I once spent a whole year with another guy just for his bookshelf. I used his apartment like a library and quickly realized he owned a lot of Anais Nin and Georges Bataille. After reading this, I have never seen Egg or him in the same way.When he claims the only book anyone needs to read is Don Juan.

It’s disturbing, but not as bad as when my friend Sarah matched up with a guy on Tinder and found herself discussing why he liked it to kill a robin Very. He said he had read the book in prison and that it was indeed related to some of the incidents.

Knowing how important books are to me, my dating profile includes a few lines about wanting book recommendations. The developers say that Klerb (like in the intro? Isn’t there a sexier name?) is designed to bring readers together in the same way, which sounds better than waiting for someone to give me one on an actual dating app The tips are much easier. So far, no one has.

When we first met, smart people I dated brought me books and they knew how easy it was to win readers. Receiving a book that someone else loves is a very personal thing. I think it involves trust, belief, and some commitment because ideally you have to hold on long enough to discuss it.

The problem is that I can’t help thinking about too many options all the time.A man gave me his own copy bookstore Jorge Carrion (safe bet / well traveled) but another recent date has turned up a new copy metropolis Created by Akhil Sharma, this is essentially about a frustrated middle-aged man trying to have sex with his neighbor with the help of magazine sex tips.

The best may be the one who leaves a copy of himself exposed Olivia Sudjic was behind him as he left in the morning. “An essay on the anxiety epidemic, autobiography, and cyberfeminism,” I read on the back. “Well,” my roommate said. That guy never came back to get it, so maybe it’s a comment on me? I went upstairs to put it in my other books, many of which are signatures of the love (and secondary affections) of my life, and I wondered what it meant to put another man back on the shelf.

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For a girl like me who sat on the Waterstones floor as a child surrounded by books, romance in later life will always involve books, so you can’t find me on Klerb. I think my favorite is that it sorts readers from non-readers (most worrisome when someone doesn’t have a book at all, obviously), but cleverly, it filters flavors too.

Because what’s on someone’s bookshelf might be another issue. Recently, I met a man who was too old (28), even though I knew my parents would at least like him.

I once dated a girl who only owned oil books (she claimed work-related “fun” reading). I wasn’t surprised when she rearranged my bookshelf while I was on vacation. Arrange them by color. “But…the theater district,” I said in disbelief when I returned. “Is there a theatrical version?” she asked. Luckily in our relationship, she started reading books as I saw fit, and it brought us together and shared a taste that led me to believe that Klerb would accidentally spark a lot of romance.

When I wrote my first book earlier this year, I was shocked by how many people told me they had never read a book in their life, and while I thought “everyone has their own”, I’ve always lived In what looks like a library (still always half unread because I like to “pickle” my books before reading them, as Camus said). This has convinced me that I will never have the strongest bond with someone who doesn’t read.

The downside of being a writer is that it turns me into a sort of traveling salesman when it comes to dating, and I can tell you that Bass has a lot of books with just one book on the shelf: sober by me. This is my legacy for the men I dated and stayed with. Some of them get audiobooks and let me read them to bed, but I prefer it if they just buy one and let me sign it. This doesn’t seem so creepy.

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