10 Things About Naruto Villains That Make No Sense

10 Things About Naruto Villains That Make No Sense

naruto It has no shortage of villains, many of them well written and compelling. Since the beginning of the series, villains like Zabuza and Orochimaru have made their mark on the heroes and the audience. However, that does not mean that everything about from naruto Villains is handled well, with a lot of little things about them that don’t make much sense.

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exist naruto villains who have no compelling reason to turn evil, while some feel they were thrown into the series without proper preparation. Others become powerful villains, but are redeemed in a way that doesn’t sit well with fans, especially when some naruto villains are built to feel irredeemable.

10/10 Kaguya is added as the main villain

Kaguya from Naruto ready to attack.

for much of from naruto runtime, Madara is built to be the main antagonist of the series. In general, fans are fine with this, feeling that his buildup and overall inclusion in from naruto the story is well done. However, he is later sacrificed to make Kaguya the final true antagonist.

Kaguya is not tied down at all from naruto he plots like other major villains are, making his appearance seem out of nowhere and unsatisfying. Kaguya herself is responsible for granting humanity chakra, and she doesn’t feel good that such an important character is being introduced without any prior mention.

9/10 Many villains are redeemed who don’t deserve it

Orochimaru prepares a Summoning Seal on Naruto.

is a thing for from naruto main character to make sense of talking to villains who already have something compelling about them, like Zabuza and Gaara. However, not all villains feel that they should have been forgiven for their crimes, with Orochimaru being one of the biggest examples.

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Orochimaru performed heinous experiments on children and claimed countless lives, including that of the Third Hokage. His reason for redemption, helping the Blade during the War, is also purely for his own interests, rather than something done out of the goodness of his heart.

8/10 Madara has so much build up just to be sacrificed

Madara Uchiha smiles in Naruto Shippuden.

Madara Uchiha was built to be the seemingly invincible final boss of naruto. Kishimoto himself states that he did not know how any of the heroes could deal with the threat he represented. Instead of being the ultimate enemy that fans felt he was made to be, Madara is betrayed by Black Zetsu so that Kaguya can be summoned.

Black Zetsu is meant to be the reincarnation of Madara’s will, which makes the twist of Madara being manipulated by him seem silly. Not only this, but Kaguya didn’t have a satisfying build up before his arrival, helping Madara become a fan-favorite villain.

7/10 Itachi’s disease is not explained

Itachi Uchiha from Naruto.

is revealed during naruto shippuden that Itachi has been suffering from a terminal illness. It is never fully explained what disease he is suffering from or when he contracted it, which has led many to feel that it was only given to Itachi so that he would have no choice but to be killed.

Some believe Itachi contracted his illness from abusing his Mangekyo Sharingan, but this has not been seen with any other sharingan user. Others think that it was caused by the overwhelming emotional pain and trauma Itachi endured having to play the role of the villain. Either way, Itachi’s illness and the cause of it doesn’t make sense to many fans.

6/10 Villains who deserve redemption don’t get it.

Kimimaro in battle in Naruto.

One of the biggest problems with from naruto Villains is how many villains live and get redemption when they don’t deserve it. On the other hand, there are plenty of villains with compelling stories who deserve redemption and are killed before they can improve the state of their lives.

This has happened since the beginning of narutowith Haku and Zabuza are excellent examples. Others, like Kimimaro, simply follow evil characters because it gives them a purpose. They are not evil themselves, but still end up dying unsatisfactorily without any positive growth.

5/10 Without filler, Mizuki’s motivations are mediocre

Mizuki takes out her star in Naruto.

Mizuki is the first villain in naruto. Canonically, he is present in the first episode. In filler-only episodes, Mizuki vows to obtain the Sacred Sealing Scroll for Orochimaru, but the two are not related in current canon.

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This means that, canonically, Mizuki has no reason to be interested in the scroll. She doesn’t have the chakra reserves that allow Naruto to make use of the Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu, so it’s not like Mizuki could have tapped into the scroll’s forbidden jutsu.

4/10 Karin is still in love with Sasuke.

Karin blushing and looking at Sasuke at Naruto.

Karin falls head over heels for Sasuke afterwards. he saves her during the chunin exams. It makes sense that she would become so attached, given her past, but Karin’s feelings remain even after Sasuke’s darker colors come out, much to the dismay of many fans.

Sasuke routinely only uses Karin for the value she brings to the group, such as her healing abilities. Despite this, even after Sasuke calls Karin useless for being held hostage by her and leaves her for dead, and commits atrocities right in front of her, Karin’s feelings do not change.

3/10 Gaara goes from bloodthirsty villain to Kazekage

Gaara from Naruto: Shippuden.

It makes sense that Naruto would be able to communicate with Gaara and ultimately redeem him, restoring his lost humanity. Being a fellow jinchuriki, shunned by the rest of the world, Naruto is the only one capable of understanding Gaara’s pain and helping him through it.

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What fans don’t understand is how Gaara later, at the beginning of naruto shippuden, becomes the Kazekage himself. Not only does this seem to happen too quickly, but Gaara doesn’t express any interest in such a position. He feels more like Gaara became a Kazekage not for his own sake or his ideals, but to push Naruto towards his dreams even more.

2/10 Sasuke goes against Itachi’s wishes by targeting Konoha

Itachi against Sasuke in Naruto.

Itachi’s final moments are incredibly shocking, not only for the audience, but also for Sasuke. It is eventually revealed that despite painting himself as a callous and callous villain, Itachi always had the Leaf Village’s best interests in mind, along with Sasuke’s.

After learning the truth about Itachi, Sasuke directs all his hatred and revenge towards Konoha and is determined to destroy it. Sasuke does this to get revenge on those who had ordered Itachi to kill the Uchiha Clan, but he still feels disrespectful of Itachi’s wishes.

1/10 Great villains are introduced and then underutilized

Deidara from Naruto Shippuden.

naruto has a problem with introducing cool, colorful villains and then getting rid of them before they can be properly utilized. Sasori is a great example of this: a complex villain with a compelling story and unique powers. However, he is defeated after a single battle against Sakura and Chiyo.

The biggest offender, in this case, is Madara. throughout it all naruto, Madara gets a phenomenal build up. that establishes him as the last villain of the series. However, when Madara finally gets a chance to take on the heroes, he quickly sacrifices himself to summon Kaguya.

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