OTER transmits an active lifestyle through the sun, everyone needs to enjoy a sunny life

OTER transmits an active lifestyle through the sun, everyone needs to enjoy a sunny life

OTER, a sunny lifestyle brand, is launching the latest product, intelligent curtain robot: CurBot 1S, which implements the concept of “sunshine life“.

In 2019, when many people’s peaceful life changed due to the sudden epidemic, their mentality and emotions were in a very low state, including the founder’s friend Peggy when they used an active lifestyle and took Peggy one step further. there. After opening up further, they are determined to let more people understand the life power of the sun, this is the origin of OTER.

OTER’s mission is to inspire people around the world to live a sunny life. This means that it not only requires you to have healthy lifestyle habits, but also a positive attitude. A sunny life is what everyone longs for and hopes to achieve. As more and more people have a sunny life, the world will become better and better.

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. The birth of CurBot stemmed from an accident in 2020 by the creator’s grandmother, Josh. The lack of availability of a product that met their needs in the market led to the creation of CurBot.

CurBot stands apart from others by combining high-tech function with elegant appearance of the product. This is because the company’s main production services are devoted to developing the features and simplifying the design of their products, a prerequisite they used in the Smart curtain robot CurBot 1S. “Technological products are by no means “ugly”, “cold” and “ordinary” as the public thinks, but can be filled with vitality and attractiveness. This is our “style” of future-oriented “art of science and technology,” Josh said.

”In the age of artificial intelligence, electronic products should not be able to be used like the previous generation of products. We need to embed this intelligence into the product so that the product no longer looks like an electronic product. Still, it’s becoming an object with the vitality and charisma like Eva that makes it unique. At the same time, I want to see CurBot and think about the “sunny life” it represents.”

CurBot has three colors: Moon Silver, Space Gray, and Sakura Pink, which users can choose based on the colors of their shades. Speaking about the smart controls, Josh said: “Say goodbye to hand-drawn shades! When you just want to lie down lazily or your hands are full, our smart features will come in handy to control your shades. CurBot supports multiple control methods, such as APP, remote control, voice, timing, etc.

CurBot is not only smart, but its portability also gives it an added advantage. CurBot has a smaller body than the iPhone 14 pro. Its small body has large ears, and it has three pairs of “ornaments” on its ears. These are hooks specially adapted to different rails (Rod/I-Rail/U-Rail). When you travel or move, you can easily put it in your luggage, attach the rails wherever you go, and keep the sun in your pocket.

“Our smart shade will help you maintain a comfortable temperature inside, which can prevent furniture from aging and keep your pets and plants in a more comfortable environment,” Josh said.

”Besides, Christmas is coming up, and if you want your family to have an active and sunny life too, CurBot will be a great gift for your friends and family. Like opening a curtain to see the sun, everyone has to open it to see the world.

To accelerate the popularization of smart shades through CurBot and change the way everyone receives sunlight. OTER has released a series of service policies internally and we will continue to provide high-quality services until every curtain can use CurBot. To learn more about the exciting CurBot 1S smart curtain robot, visit the OTER website at oter-group.com

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