Film Red Channels Madara’s Infinite Tsukuyomi in Naruto

Film Red Channels Madara’s Infinite Tsukuyomi in Naruto

As fans flocked to theaters to see One Piece: Red Moviemany moviegoers could not help but note the similarity of the plot with naruto shippuden. In One pieceThe 15th installment of the film, the main villain shares many qualities and tactics with Madara Uchiha from naruto. The ability to manipulate supernatural plants to exert incredible power and cause massive hallucinations grants godlike powers to both villains trying to create a new reality.

Whether it’s Uta World or Infinite Tsukuyomi, these two titles feature world-ending stakes and overpowered villains. This is how the plot of One piece: red film compares and differs from the general plot of naruto shippuden.

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Uta’s Sing-Sing no Mi is similar to Madara Uchiha’s Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Uta performs a musical number in One Piece Film: Red

in the last One piece movie, Uta eats Sing-Sing Fruit to put the concertgoers to sleep on the musical island of Elegia. With the power of the fruit, she can transport the consciousness of anyone who hears her sing to her own world known as Uta World. While everyone is trapped in Uta World, their physical bodies are asleep and vulnerable in the real world. This concept is similar to Madara’s Infinite Tsukuyomiwhere the God Tree projects the Rinne Sharingan from its flower to the moon to place the entire world in an illusion of endless genjutsu while his real body is shrouded in a comatose state.

Uta can manipulate everyone, and reality itself, in her manufactured world. This gives him godlike powers, similar to how shinobi view Madara Uchiha during narutoFourth Great Ninja War. With villains so overpowered, it takes amazing teamwork and strength of the remaining characters to have a chance against the one. Both One piece Y naruto successfully crafting an epic plot where the stakes of the end of the world couldn’t be higher.

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One Piece movie: Uta de Red also shares motives with Obito Uchiha

Madara trapping the world in infinity tsukuyomi

They are not only One Piece Movie: Redthe power of Uta World and naruto‘s Infinite Tsukuyomi comparable, but Uta and Obito Uchiha’s motives because their plans to end the world mirror each other. Uta wanted to bring everyone into her fake world of infinite happiness to spare them the real life pain and suffering caused by pirates and violence. Wanting to save the world with her singing after hearing everyone’s pleas, Uta truly believes that she is doing the right thing by trying to permanently trap everyone’s consciousness in her peaceful world of her design while allowing everyone’s physical bodies to die with her. .

Obito shared similar aspirations after suffering a traumatic childhood that convinced him that the world was full of evil and suffering. After nearly dying as a child soldier in the Third Great Ninja War and witnessing Kakashi killing love of his life, Rin, Obito denounces the cruelty of the real world and pursues the dream of being reunited with Rin. This leads him to adopt his Pain persona to show the world enough pain to make the population want to be trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi . Despite being a villain, Obito truly believes that the population is better off in a world free from suffering, even if it is false.

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The Key Differences in One Piece Film: Red and Naruto Plots

One Piece Film Red Uta singing

Weather there are many similarities between the plots of naruto Y One Piece: Red Movie, many details also distinguish the two. Uta manipulates the power of Sing-Sing Fruit with the intention of eventually dying and taking everyone else with her in order to trap the population in her ideal afterlife. However, Madara Uchiha wants to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi to enslave the world’s population into an endless sleep by trapping them in the God Tree to feed it chakra for his own use.

The Infinite Tsukuyomi is also a much more difficult plan to carry out than Uta World. Uta can use everyone’s willingness to hear his voice to catch the world off guard. While Madara instantly paints himself as a villain for the shinobi to fight, Uta disguises herself as a friendly singer who later exposed as a deranged yandere. The Infinite Tsukuyomi took an elaborate army of the living and the dead and almost a century for Madara to finally bring it into action. He had to wield the power of the moon gods to trap everyone in his genjutsu, while Uta only had to eat the Sing-Sing no Mi and chant for the plan to take effect.

Weather One Piece: Red Movie Y naruto share a similar concept that is hard to miss, they are unique and entertaining in its own right. It’s common to find comparable anime plots and tropes, which can help bring fans of different shows together. Given the many similarities and differences between these two popular titles, fans of both franchises can enjoy epic plotlines, world-ending stakes, and overpowered villains.

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