‘It’s not a biopic…just a way to sexualize Marilyn Monroe’: Get Controversial NC-17 Adult in Netflix’s Ana de Armas’ ‘Blonde’ Movie Netizens fight back after unique rating

Netflix’s new psychodrama, blonde, starring Ana de Armas, recently made global headlines for her imaginative adaptation of the exquisite and immortal Marilyn Monroe for the screen. Netflix has released its first trailer, and while it does a great job of ditching the plotline, it also offers enough dynamism to draw viewers into the tormented, global hit drama.

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe blonde

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The film has a stellar cast starring Ana de Armas and stars Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Sa Supporting cast including Sara Paxton and Julianne Nicholson.

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Ana de Armas is Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe blonde

The 34-year-old Cuban-Hispanic actress has recently gained media attention for her lead and breakthrough performance in the dark drama (deep water) and spy action thrillers (no time to die).her role in an ensemble movie knife out propelled her to the front lines of Hollywood stardom and, most recently, a Netflix film directed by the Russo Brothers, grey man Established her status as an A-list actress.

Ana de Armas' stunning transformation into Hollywood icon
Ana de Armas’ stunning transformation into Hollywood icon

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However, the multi-talented Ana de Armas has now made headlines for her career-defining role as legendary Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. The film has a subtle biographical nature and makes heavy use of black-and-white tropes and marshmallow glitter of the ’50s and ’60s. Ana de Armas, who bears a striking resemblance to Monroe, became the tortured version of Hollywood’s “blonde bombshell,” the American singer, actress, and model of the era of the sexual revolution.

Ana de Armas' film 'Blonde' bears striking resemblance to Monroe's iconic pose
Ana de Armas films, blonde, A striking resemblance to Monroe’s iconic pose

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blonde Earned a critical NC-17 rating from Netflix

Because Netflix dropped the trailer blonde, the film received widespread public attention.The actress herself has shown that Andrew Dominic’s film is not a biopic, but a “experience” let the audience “Feel what it’s like to be her”. As the trailer promises, the film will explicitly portray Marilyn Monroe’s troubled life, struggles and epic death in the public eye. But with an NC-17 rating in the U.S., the platform is making fictional depictions of the film’s themes seem more realistic and exploitative, and fans aren’t happy.

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The Ana de Armas film, based on Joyce Carroll Oates’ novel, has been criticized, with some saying it won’t have a social impact and others praising the actor’s work choose. Director Andrew Dominik once said, “If the audience doesn’t like it, it’s the fucking audience’s problem” And made it clear that his films are demanding.

blonde Premieres on Netflix on September 23, 2022.

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