Let’s Think Back to the 10 Best Dressed Period Casts of the Past

Movies and TV shows from different periods have always been popular, and clothing is a big reason why. There are many iconic shows and movies with beautiful costume designs, from 1700s dresses to 80s big hair and patterns, there are many famous clothing items in TV and movies.

Many of the more popular and well-known shows and movies lead the way on social media and in real life.Shows like this continue to be popularStranger Things and friends Has brought back the fashion of the 80s and 90s. Pieces from these periods have some of the most recognizable clothing of all time and will be remembered for a long time.

Screencast of the day

10 The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Aired from 1970 to 1977, it was a groundbreaking show featuring Mary Richards, a career-focused, unmarried, independent woman. The show has been recognized as fashionable in the 70s. During the show, she often wears her signature flipped bob, skirt, blazer, and lots of red to the office.

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Since the show aired in the ’70s, it really showcases the clothing and accessories of the time. The series is outdated and still has many fans to this day. The Mary Tyler Moore Show Will be remembered as a trend-setting series, with cute outfits appearing throughout the show.

9 Marie Antoinette

year 2006 Marie Antoinette The movie features a 1700s gown and pink wig. The silhouette of the gown is historically accurate with colorful twists inspired by a real portrait of Marie Antoinette. Costume designer Milena Canonero designed more than 60 dresses for the film to replicate the real Marie Antoinette who never wore the same dress twice.

Fashion in the 1700s was known for being over-the-top, and it was a custom to dress for your social status, so her gowns were so voluminous and detailed. These stunning costumes made the film so visually stunning that the designs earned Carneiro a well-deserved Oscar.

8 Sense and Sensibility

The 1995 film adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel drew inspiration from the costumes from the late 1700s, though the gowns were slightly modernized to appeal to audiences. Many nuanced stories are told through the costumes, the characters wear clothes similar to those worn by low-income families during that period, representing their sudden economic change, and the colors of their clothes come from dark to light as they grieve their father.

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British Regency fashion was known for its Empire silhouettes and high waistlines, hats were also a popular accessory at the time, along with capes and Spencer jackets, items worn by most characters.according to dress moviecostume designers Jenny Beavan and John Bright also took a lot of inspiration from 1790s portraiture, which is reflected in the selection shown in the film.

7 Annie with an E

The now-canceled Netflix original shows, Annie with E Adapted from a classic children’s novel, anne of green gables. Set in 1896, the show showcases fashion for women and young girls in the late 1800s. Many of the outfits Anne wore in her youth were simple dresses with a white apron, stockings, and a straw hat. As Annie and her friends grew up, their styles changed with longer skirts and more modest silhouettes.

The older women in the collection showcased a variety of different fashion choices of the time, such as her school teacher, Miss Stacy, who wore controversial male silhouettes, with skirts and tops paired with accessories inspired by men’s fashion at the time. Other notable fashion pieces from the collection include hats, long coats and corsets.

6 the great gatsby

2013 Adapted Costumes the great gatsby Designed by Cathrine Martin, who conducted extensive research on raw materials and fashion in 1920s New York (each fashion icon). With the help of Miuccia Prada, hundreds of outfits have been designed for all men and women on the screen. Pearls, fringes and vibrant color palettes are featured throughout the film. Daisy’s outfits are very feminine and elegant, with gloves, headbands and beaded details all standout items in her wardrobe.

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Gatsby mainly wore bright suits to show off his extravagant lifestyle and wealth, as well as to impress Daisy. Although these outfits are historically known to be inaccurate, Martin did put in the work of creating beautiful garments inspired by the entire era, and she didn’t just focus on the stereotypical feathered accessories and short skirts.

5 rule

rule is a show very loosely based on the life of Mary Queen of Scots. Due to the lack of historical accuracy throughout the collection, the clothing really isn’t any different. While all of the costumes are visually stunning, designer Meredith Markworth-Polak clearly wanted to make sure the characters’ looks appealed to a younger audience, rather than relying on accuracy.

Markworth-Pollack did incorporate some elements of 16th century royal fashion, such as female silhouettes and fabric patterns.She references paintings of Mary, Catherine de’ Medici and Queen Elizabeth I throughout the show to make their gowns (each observer). Queen Mary has undergone changes in her appearance throughout the four seasons of the show, starting with a more youthful gown, to her signature coronation ensemble, and ending her show in a very plain black gown.

4 The Tudors

The Tudors is another show that isn’t entirely historically accurate, but the costumes are still amazing. The show follows the reign of King Henry VIII and his six wives.Designer Joan Bergin wanted to keep clothes largely in tune with the times, but with a modern twist, and had some 150 gowns made entirely from scratch (each New York Times).

Every wife has a wardrobe that reflects their personality, like the contrast between Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. Catherine wore a more mature gown that reflected her native Spain, while Anne was more flirtatious and youthful, and her attire caught the king’s attention. The detailing of the costumes was so intricate and time-consuming that it earned Birkin three Primetime Emmy Awards for the series.

3 crown

crown Probably one of the most accurate historical dramas, especially the costumes. Much of the costumes on the show were recreated based on pictures of Queen Elizabeth, and many of Princess Diana’s iconic outfits were recreated in season four.

Since most of the events documented on the show happened recently — such as Princess Diana’s wedding — season four designer Amy Roberts and costume studio head Sue Croshaw had a chance to meet the original source of Princess Diana’s wedding. The designer of the dress, David Emanuel, talks about how best to recreate one of the most recognizable wedding dresses of all time (per Fashion). The fact that the royal family is so well documented in real life makes it easier for designers to adjust their appearance accurately.

2 bridgeton

Netflix original shows, bridgeton, made a huge impact on social media and quickly became one of the most popular shows currently airing. The show is set in Regency-era England, but everything is more extravagant.

Menswear, like Anthony’s suits, was more contemporary than womenswear, and the silhouettes of the dresses were right, they featured bright pastel colors that never appeared on Regency-exact hats.according to Insidera huge team of designers worked hard to create some 700 unique costumes for Season 2, which earned two Emmy Award nominations for costumes.

1 Stranger Things

Stranger Things is another hugely popular Netflix original. Set in the 1980s, the costumes in the show bring back the classic fashion of the 80s. The characters wear 80s-inspired clothing with bright colors, denim, and jumpsuits. Even the hair and accessories were a good representation of what kids looked like at the time, including headbands, converse, perms and bowl cuts.

Many Tik-Tok trends started with creators easily recreating character looks, which is part of the reason the show’s popularity has soared since its first season. The costumes also largely reflect the characters’ personalities, as Eddie Munson’s rock-and-roll style and Max Mayfield’s laid-back vibe complement her favorite skateboard.

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