Marketa Irglova plays ‘Unconditional Love’ on first LP in eight years

When an artist is separated by eight years between albums, the obvious question is: what do they spend all their time doing other than making music? For Marketa Irglova, the answer is, well, everything. Irglova and Glen Hansard as the music for The Swell Season powered the 2007 film once “Falling Slowly” received critical acclaim last week and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song Leilaher first full-length feature since 2014 Muna.

Since that project, Irglova has moved to Iceland, got married, established a recording studio, and started a family. “My roots are deeper and it has brought me to new heights,” she told SPIN about the experiences and how they impacted Leila“I believe it’s good for my creativity because I’m able to work with the new energy I’m bringing it into my work. I always write what I know, which is what I’ve experienced, but like my songs are personal They’re universal, because that’s what I like to achieve in my writing.”

superior LeilaIrglova says her voice was inspired by bridgeton Reimagining popular songs, Irish traditional music, soundtracks in a classical style Emily, jesus christ superstar, candid story and even HamiltonThroughout the process, she was supported by guitarists Peter Moc and Eric Harper, drummer Manu Barreto, violinist Marja Gaynor and programmer Mio Thorisson.

“I’ve saved a lot of songs considering I haven’t made a full record in a few years,” she said. “We ended up with 18, which is too much for one album. I decided to split the songs evenly into two albums, and it was easy to figure out which songs belonged together. Doing nine Leila With the theme of unconditional love – love without beginning and end, love that spans a lifetime, love that conquers all, love that transcends all, love as a being, not a feeling. “

The relaxed work environment allows Irglova to take her time without forcing any creative decisions, which provides her with countless creative opportunities. “‘Girls in the Movie’ was a song I wasn’t sure it would be appropriate to record, I barely recorded it, but then I sat in front of the piano between shots and wrote the chorus, and it created the song for me,” she says. “I always knew ‘Remember Me’ would be hard to record because it was so much better in terms of dynamics and rhythm changes, but while it was a challenging and sometimes frustrating process, I feel like we ended up It did. ‘My Roots Go Deep’ blew my mind because when the band played in the studio, it really came naturally.”

The album’s title is taken from Indian culture, where the word “lila” is associated with “the mischief and humor of God who orchestrates moments of synchronicity and chance in our lives – unplanned and magical ‘coincidences'” ,” Irglova said. “Given that I’ve been through a lot of this in my life, I like the idea of ​​having a word for this, as it also appears in other languages ​​as the word for purple, and sometimes as a girl’s name, it It really looks like a good fit for this collection.”

Earlier this year, Irglova teamed up again with Hansard for their first tour in 11 years, during which they previewed “My Roots Go Deep” every night. “I knew Glenn and I would do a great version of the song together,” she said. “I love walking through New York where I lived for two years, standing on stage at the Beacon we played together before, and reconnecting with our old friends. I love my dad and sister joining us and reconnecting through their eyes Discover wonderful American cities. I love to see Hamilton Twice – once in Pittsburgh and once on Broadway. I love walking through Chicago with Glenn on St. Patrick’s Day to see the famous Green River. I loved all our tour bus moments after the show, chatting and catching up. But most of all, I love singing our songs again, to a room full of people who love to hear them as much as we play them. “

Artists say ‘plans are forming’ to support solo tour Leila“I’m excited to play these songs live with these amazing musicians who are expected to join me on tour,” she enthused.

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