Meet the Experts: Video of the Cinematographer’s Roundtable

Five Emmy-nominated photographers take part in our Kim Derby Meet the Experts: The photography team is known not only for creating some of the most indelible images on TV in the last year, but for the consistency of their collaborators . Everyone has been nominated for their show and often works with the same directors and crew.

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“What I’ve learned during my time at film school is that you can trust the people you work with, especially the directors you choose to work with,” cinematographer and Emmy nominee for Euphoria Pastor Marcel Tell Kim Derby in our exclusive video interview. “Because when you’re in film school, when you’re starting out, you’re really focused on your role in this machine. I think you have to learn — or at least I have to learn — to listen and really understand what’s going on around me things, and what kind of story the director or writer is trying to tell. I think that’s important.”

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Emmy Nominee and Two-Time Winner M. David Mullen, preparing for filming is half the battle—especially during the first week of a given episode or project.Here’s the advice Mullen said he got from the deceased Alan Davioa two-time Oscar nominee with whom he has worked Steven Spielberg About “ET Aliens” and “Purple”.

“He told me to know your first week at work,” Mullen said. “I think that means, basically, if you thoroughly understand the first few days of the project — like every lighting setup you want to do in your head — it’s going to go so well that it’s going to go so well for the rest things to set the right base for purpose week 2. A lot of the decisions are based on the work of the first week, including the style you set, the flow of things, and how you work with the actors. But really getting ready helps you get from The right angle to start. So if I can prepare for the first few days, that’s what I’m going to keep in mind. So it’s like clockwork.”

Rev and Mullen are just two photographers who impart the wisdom of their work in meetings with our panel of experts.Group chat also includes commentary from ‘Atlanta’ cinematographer and former Emmy winner Christian Springer“Grow-ish” cinematographer and Emmy nominee Mark Dolling-Powelland ‘RuPaul’s Drag Racing’ Cinematographer and Emmy Nominee Michael Jacob Kerber.

“I didn’t give me any specific advice. But I do remember that earlier, I happened to spend time with this manager who was running actors on TV. I told him it was like my second year in film school and I Think. I told him I wanted to be a DP, and he said, ‘You can never do it, you’re too good,'” Kerber said. “I think it’s interesting. And I think like everyone talks about the importance of working with people and trusting the people you work with – I think there’s room for us to do what we do and be good people. You don’t have to be bossy. Sometimes things are just this idea, or this personality myth, and I’ve met a lot of lovely, sensitive people who are also very focused and very good at what they do.”

Watch the roundtable panel video above. Click on each person’s name to watch their respective 10-minute chat.

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