Missouri has some interesting named towns. do not trust me? here are 10

Have you ever taken a road trip and passed a town with almost no population? There are many such places across the country. For various reasons, every state seems to have a name that’s a little weird, or interesting, or a little unique. While doing some research, I found 10 of these in our Missouri that fit that description.

peculiar, missouri

Peculiar is a city in Cass County, Missouri, part of the Kansas City metropolitan area, United States. The population at the 2010 census was 4,608. The motto of the town is “Where are your opportunities”. How did the town of Peculiar get its name? You can click here for this information.

Missouri Bacon

Yes, there is a town named after one of the tastiest foods on earth. They are located in Monito County, which is unincorporated. It has a population of only about 630 people. You can click here for more information.

Jeff Passan – Twitter

Jeff Passan – Twitter

Tetwald, Missouri

Sports writer Jeff Passan experienced Tightwad Missouri. you? Tightwad takes its name from a mythical figure resembling Scrooge, who starred in at least four legends. The most popular story – the one the locals tell over and over again – sees him as a watermelon farmer who lived more than 75 years ago (the most concrete date a local can make). Back then, Tightwad was Edgewood. Read more about it here.

Getty Images

Getty Images – Leonard Nimoy

Vulcan Missouri

The most famous Vulcan in the world is Leonard Nimoy. No, this town isn’t named after a Star Trek character or species. Vulcan is an unincorporated community in Iron County, southern Missouri, United States. It is located on Missouri Route 49 between Des Arc 2 miles south and Annapolis 3.5 miles north. Ironton is about twenty miles to the north. The community is located in the Grand Canyon. Click here to learn more about this place.

Getty Images for H&M

Getty Images for H&M

Elmo, Missouri

The Sesame Street character has the same name as the town. Currently only about 150 people can call the town home. It is a city in Nordaway County, probably named after the novel St. Elmo. You can get more information here. Their Facebook page is linked here.

Website – CleverMo.com

Website – CleverMo.com

smart, missouri

I wonder if smart Missouri town has no smart people living there? perhaps. Town website link is here. Clive is a city in Christian County, Missouri. The population at the 2010 census was 2,139. It is part of the Springfield, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Website – City of Humanville

Website – City of Humanville

Humanville, Missouri

Humansville Missouri’s website is linked here. The city is located in Polk County. It is part of the Springfield, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population is only about 1000 people. Humansville is named after Judge James G. Human, an American settler who settled in the area in 1834. A post office called Humansville has been operating since 1839.

Plain Missouri – Wikipedia

Plain Missouri – Wikipedia

Brand, Missouri

Brand is a city in Gasconard and Osage counties in the U.S. state of Missouri. The population at the 2020 census was 506. The Osage County portion of Brand is part of the Jefferson, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area. For the record, I don’t think everything in town is bland. You can learn more about the town here.

Facebook Page – Lick News

Facebook Page – Lick News

Lick, Missouri

Licking the News is licking the Missouri newspaper. The community is named after a mining area near the site of the original town. Licking is located in north-central Texas in the Ozarks of southern Missouri. The city is located at the intersection of US Route 63 and Missouri Route 32. Learn more about the town here.

Coahuilan box turtle (Terrapene Coahuila) isolated on white background.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Turtle, Missouri

Yes, there is a town called Tortoise Missouri. This is an extinct town in Dent County. A post office called Turtle was established in 1905 and operated until 1954. The community takes its name from nearby Turtle Pond, home to many sea turtles.

Are you familiar with these towns in Missouri? Some weird and funny names. Maybe during your trip you can check them out at some point.

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