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Music, Mystery and Minions! Movie lovers have plenty to choose from this week, whether it’s the big screen or the small screen. Happy watching!

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Elvis (buy/rent on all major platforms)

Category: Music

Baz Lurhmann – the filmmaker behind the Moulin Rouge! , Romeo and Juliet and The Great Gatsby and more – definitely a one-off, so it’s no surprise that his take on Presley’s story is told in a way that only he can: drama, madness And sparkly, like one of the King’s famous jumpsuits.

Purists might shudder at the rousing soundtrack – a bold mix of Elvis with hip-hop – but this biopic reminds us of how Elvis became a musical magpie, drawn from a multitude of styles Take inspiration and combine it with your own style. It’s a job done by relatively unknown Austin Butler (as Elvis) (with some sensational sexy moves in the process). Co-star Tom Hanks – under a lot of prosthetics – as Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s rather dubious manager.

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Princess (Sky Documentary)

Category: Documentary

Billed as an “authoritative” examination of the life of the late Diana, the princess used only archival footage to tell the story of her journey from kindergarten teacher to the most famous woman in the world. As we know, it’s been a bumpy ride. But what the princess reminds us, through cleverly chosen clips, is that in all this, Diana remained calm and (at least ostensibly) calm. Her world may have crumbled around her, but she was never noble.

Minions: The Rise of Gru (rented on all major platforms)

Category: Family

We’ve hardly been short of Minion content over the past few years, but the fifth entry in the Despicable Me series still manages to be lighthearted and lighthearted. The story is a prequel, and 11-year-old Gru (voiced again by Steve Carell) plans to become a supervillain with the help of his minions. While Karel always deserves a lot of love, it’s the banana-loving minions who really steal the show again. May they continue.

Father Situ (buy/rent on major platforms)

Category: Drama

Mark Wahlberg’s latest work was all but ignored when it hit theaters earlier this year, but despite its occasional clunky philosophy, it’s worth a look. The story is true: Stewart Long (Walberg), a screwed-up amateur boxer, goes from trying to impress a beautiful Sunday school teacher with his charisma to realizing he His life mission is actually to become a Catholic priest. That’s quite a U-turn. Luckily, Wahlberg put his heart and soul into the character, enjoying a story of grit and determination, and turning what might have been cheesy into something undeniably inspiring.

my old school (cinema)

Category: Documentary

Prepare to be amazed as you watch the true story of high school student Brandon Lee, a mid-90s teenager who attended Bear’s Den Academy on the outskirts of Glasgow. So far so good. But Brandon’s complex background and unusual appearance also hide a big secret. With interviews with former students, brilliant retro animation, and actor Alan Cumming in the camera-shy Brandon’s place, it’s a haunting but always funny real-life mystery . extraordinary.

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Bad (Disney+)

Category: Comedy

Zoey Deutch continues her climb up the Hollywood ladder with another film that showcases her extraordinary comedic skills. She plays Dani, a young woman aspiring to be a social media influencer who discovers that misunderstandings online could lead her to the life of her dreams. But how to keep lying? The jokes are crooked, of course, but Deutsch’s ability to balance anxiety, despair and laughter is impressive. Co-stars with Dylan O’Brien.

Forever Jackass (Sky Cinema)

Category: Comedy

It may have been 20 years since the first jackass movie, but not much has changed in the world of the infamously stupid Daredevil. Maybe not all of the original actors are still featured, and the ones that do look worse dressed (who wouldn’t, given what they’ve been through?!) but the format of this fourth jackass compilation is still hilarious Reassuringly similar to everyone else: Johnny Knoxville, Steve O, Wee Man and the team (which now includes – shock horror! – also some women) let themselves do stupid and dangerous things. Is it Shakespeare? of course not. But it’s still fun.

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