Nashville’s Gretchen Peters shares exciting ‘Story Song’ with String Quartet/Band

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Recorded over the years by Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, Bryan Adams and others, Gretchen Peters’ work is included in the show – live in the UKa beautiful new two-disc album from the Proper Music Group.

Gold Mine: welcome back gold mine. congratulations The show – live from the UK. This is a great collection. The first record ends with your first chart single “When You Are Old”, the first of yours I bought 30 years ago when it came out as the finale of Martina McBride’s 1992 debut album . A few years later, when your cassette single came out, the flip side was another of my favorite songs, “I’ve Been Looking For You,” which I thought was about finding yourself first, and then finding someone else.


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