New 4K catalog update for Universal Monsters Vol. 2. To Kill a Mockingbird, Highlander, Pulp Fiction, Avatar, Abyss and more!

We’ll be back as promised tonight with more upcoming catalog 4K Ultra HD news and rumours from our studio, industry and retail sources. Keep in mind that some of these titles have yet to be officially announced, so dates and details are subject to change.

First off, we already knew this was an upcoming title a few months ago, and while the studio hasn’t officially announced it yet, we do have the retailer’s final cover art: Universal Studios Home Entertainment is expected to release their Universal Classic Monsters: Icons of Horror Collection – Volume 2 Box set to 4K Ultra HD on October 11.

The set will include mummy (1932), frankenstein’s bride (1935), Phantom of the Opera (1943), and Creatures from Black Lake (1954). You can see the cover artwork on the left and below.

It is also believed that the title in the studio Volume 1 put-Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931), werewolf (1941), and invisible person (1932) – Will eventually be released as a monolithic SKU, certainly in the UK and possibly in the US. We’ll release more information once the studio is officially released. [Read on here…]

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Meanwhile, here’s our general catalog 4K title Know OFFICIAL: The studio will release a To Kill a Mockingbird: 60th Anniversary Edition The same goes for 10/11. This comes directly from the studio’s own website.

Any Russell Mulcahy fans? Highlander (1986)?Well, we’re still waiting for details on Lionsgate’s possible US release, but StudioCanal is releasing the movie in 4K Ultra HD limited edition 10/31 in the UK. The pack will contain 4K Ultra HD and full-region Blu-ray movies, as well as brochures, mini-comics, posters, art cards, and more. You can order from by clicking here or on the packaging image below…

Highlander (StudioCanal 4K Ultra HD Collector's Edition)

Speaking of StudioCanal, the company lists Alejandro Amenábar’s other (2001) and Walter Hill’s driver (1978) 4K Ultra HD released in France. The street dates for each are listed as 12/31, so keep in mind they may be placeholders. But you can click on the title link to visit their respective preorder page.

Here’s another official name: Kino Lorber Studio Classics just announced they’re producing Robert Aldrich’s longest yard (1974) – the title they licensed from Paramount – will be released in 4K Ultra HD later this year. The hit-to-street date is currently set to “coming soon,” but we expect an official date in the coming weeks.

While we’re on the topic of Paramount, here’s some pretty exciting news: We’ve known for a long time that Paramount is working on a new Ultra HD version saturday night party (tentative street date 11/8) and Wayne’s world (Tentative date 11/15).But now our retail sources are reporting that they are planning a 4K Ultra HD version of Quentin Tarantino pulp Fiction (1994) in November as well – the Miramax title now distributed by Paramount. The tentative street date is November 1st, but this is obviously still changing.Still, it would be nice to have more Tarantino in 4K, and – since they’re all Miramax games – we certainly hope Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (even Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair?) 4K UHD may be available in 2023.

Heck, if Paramount is looking for more great Miramax movies to release in 4K, I’d like to personally take this opportunity to request goodwill hunt, British patient (Best Picture winner worthy of a 4K upscaling), crowKerns Old Men (also the best picture title) and Zhang Yimou’s hero (year 2002).I have confidence any Which in the format will sell well.

On a related note, Paramount’s title kiss girl and Æon flux (2005) Just upgraded to 4K on Apple TV and iTunes, so physical 4K may be released sometime in the future.

Just weeks away from their physical 4K Ultra HD release, a high-definition digital demo Star Trek V: The Last Frontier and Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Realms Presentations on Apple TV and iTunes have been updated with new remastered presentations. The 4K digital version should go live around the street date (9/6).If you already have an SD digital version Star Trek: The Movie – Director’s EditionSome bit Readers report that it’s now being updated with a new 4K demo on some digital services, though without the extras that came with the digital sale version of the 9/6 title.

Last item of the day: Disney and 20th Century Studios just released a new trailer promoting the return of James Cameron’s original Avatar (2009) 9/23 Limited participation in 3D and 4K HDR in theaters. This is apparently part of the preparations for the sequel to hit theaters, Avatar: The Way of Water, on December 16.We fully expect the studio to release the original Avatar The same goes for physical 4K Ultra HD, but we’re not sure if that’s going to happen yet forward The sequel arrives in theaters or back, likely to be released on physical discs with the sequel early next year.But studio and industry sources say it Yes Coming to 4K Ultra HD, and Cameron’s long-awaited abyss. However, we’ve been waiting for years, so we haven’t held our breath yet.Meanwhile, here’s the trailer AvatarBack in theaters…

Ok, tonight we’ll give you a better understanding Universal Classic Monsters: Icons of Horror Collection – Volume 2 Box. You can already pre-order the title on (click here or on the image below), but keep in mind that the UK version may not include Blu-ray and won’t have a digital code…

Universal Classic Monsters: Icons of Horror Collection – Volume 2 (4K Ultra HD)

That’s all for tonight! Come back tomorrow for more. stay tuned!

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