New York Yankees have odd ties to Hudson Valley, Scott Baio

There’s a “new boy” in the Yankees “community” that fans hope will be “in charge” of the Bronx Bombers “day and night” soon.

On Tuesday, just minutes before the trade deadline, the New York Yankees made a shocking trade. The Yankees acquired outfielder Harrison Budd and a player named later or cash consideration from the St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for LHP Jordan Montgomery.

Shocking New York Yankees trade sends Hudson Valley residents ‘home’

Pittsburgh Pirates v St. Louis Cardinals

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Many Yankees fans were shocked that the club traded a homegrown reliable starting pitcher for the injured Cardinals outfielder. Bud is on the injured list with plantar fasciitis and wears walking boots.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said the team is confident the fast midfielder, with his excellent defensive skills, will be available sometime next month and in the playoffs. Hader, 28, is also playing next season. He won the Golden Glove award last year.

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Harder grew up a Yankees fan and is from Westchester County, New York

Kansas City Royals v New York Yankees

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While doing some research on the newest Yankees, I came across some interesting facts about the newest Bronx bomber.

First, he grew up in Westchester County. Bud was born in Bronxville, New York, and grew up in the town of Eastchester. Harder grew up a New York Yankees fan while playing minor league games in Westchester County.

cousins ​​of vampire weekend members

iHeartRadio Album Release Party and Vampire Weekend at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles

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Hader’s cousin is Grammy winner Chris Baio, who plays guitar for pop-rock band Vampire Weekend.

In September 2018, Chris Baio tweeted: “This weekend it was surreal for my cousin Harrison to play MLB for the first time.”

Chris is delighted that his cousin Bader, nicknamed “Tots”, will be playing close to home.

“This is a dream come true for our family and I’m so excited to cheer Harrison and our hometown team!” Chris told Pitchfork.

About Scott Baio

54th Annual ACE Eddie Awards – Arrivals

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Yankees fans hope Bud can help bring back some “happy days” for the Bronx. That’s because Hader and his cousin Chris Baio are related to actor Scott Baio.

Yes, Scott Baio from Happy Days, Joni Love Chuck and charles in charge. The famous actor confirmed on Twitter that he is a cousin of the latest Bronx bomber.

“Correct. He’s my cousin! 🇮🇹,” Scott Baio tweeted.

Scott and Chris are cousins. Scott is the son of Chris Baio’s grandfather’s brother.

Bader is related to Chris and Scott’s mother, Janice Baio-Bader.

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