Raksha Bandhan 2022: A Hemingway-Style Festive Platter

chocolate and Mites A staple during Raksha Bandhan, but if you want to go the extra mile, put together a creative festive platter. Grazing boards or party platters are a lively display of cured meats, cheeses and a variety of bite-sized snacks. The rule of thumb is to combine sweet and savory ingredients, boosting them with different colors and textures. To make this Raksha Bandhan even more special for your siblings, customize the platter to their personality: a delicate dessert for art connoisseurs, The Great Gatsby-inspired platter for bibliophiles, and a platter for the family gourmet prepares plate of chaat. Here are five ideas to unleash your imagination and impress your siblings:

For travel lovers

Will they bring home French cheese, Ethiopian coffee and Italian cured meat? This is your chance to see the platter as an atlas of flavors from around the world. Add piping hot Swiss cheese fondue, signature English fish and chips and bite-sized American sliders with lavash, multigrain bread and cheese straws, served with nuts, olive gherkins and Belgian chocolate. Alternatively, choose their favorite country as the central theme.

Bengaluru-based Ayesha Katrak, who runs Indulge Indoors, a deli board business, recommends a platter of Italian appetizers centered around ricotta, burrata, feta and goat cheese. If Greece is your sibling’s top destination, choose Mediterranean cuisine and make a platter with mini pita pockets stuffed with tabbouleh, lamb kebabs, hummus, baba ghanoush, fresh cucumbers , carrots and radishes. If visiting Mexico is on their wish list, create a board with tacos, quesadillas, meat tacos, and tacos. For those who make South America their beloved destination, you can’t go wrong with nachos and nachos and dips like guacamole, mango salsa, and sour cream.

for food at home

While the charcuterie board contains cold cuts, Raksha Bandhan is largely vegetarian and it doesn’t have to be boring. Kamana Bhaskaran is an Indian-American influencer from San Francisco who brings a desi flair to her board by adding everything chaat. She calls them the chaat-cuterie board, which includes samosas, chutneys, dips, bhel puri and Parle-G cookies. Toppings include potatoes and chickpeas, topped with chaat chips.

You can also mix various foods like fried kachoris, steamed dhoklas, fox nuts, chaklis, masala peanuts and various fruits sprinkled with desi favorite chaat masala.Desserts are an integral part of any festival, and you can squeeze in jalebis and ladoos or curate exclusive dessert boards with your siblings’ favorites Mitai. Madhavi, only showing her name on her blog and Instagram. The blogger, who lives in San Antonio, Texas, suggests adding payasam, mini bundt cakes and almond katli, as well as nuts like shelled pistachios or walnuts, chocolate, and dates.

For art connoisseurs

If biennials and galleries inspire your siblings, use the platter as a canvas for beautifully crafted chocolates, artfully plated cheeses, different-colored fruits and light desserts like pavlova.

Choose from sharp, crumbly Roquefort, creamy camembert, melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto, luscious figs and hand-torn warm fresh bread. Stack smoked chicken fillets and fan out salami and ham to make your platter look like a work of art.

Fill any empty space with pretty elements like thyme and rosemary. Mumbai platter specialist Gurmeet Rathod, co-founder of eco-friendly luxury grazing company Theatric Platter, uses cranberry cheese truffles, goat cheese and honey roasted figs, onion herb crackers, and fruit and nuts to create art boards. Garnished in a mason jar with strawberry jam and cream cheese grilled brie with thyme, parsley, and burnt garlic, it’s a beautiful addition. Indulge Outdoors in Bengaluru offers an exclusive dessert platter featuring mini meringues, lemon tarts, chocolate puffs, brownies, tiramisu cups and cheesecake.

for bookworms

Memoirs of Ernest Hemingway mobile feast Perfect for a book-themed party platter. Take inspiration from its famous quote, “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris when you were young, it will be with you wherever you go for the rest of your life, because Paris is a moving feast.” With mini croissants, Mini macarons, pain au chocolate and French cheese sliced ​​baguette make a platter. Elevate the French wine experience. Featuring a sumptuous buffet, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is an excellent reference to the exquisite Raksha Bandhan board. Choose from “Spiced Baked Ham,” roasted turkey mini sandwiches, and tapas washed down with craft cocktails. If you’re looking for an assorted section for book lovers, grab a Harry Potter Butterbeer, a Queen of Hearts-themed cake from Alice in Wonderland, or a Lord of the Rings lembas. Fortunately, these recipes are all on YouTube, and all one needs to do a little planning ahead.

For health fanatics

Bite-sized sugar-free desserts, gluten-free chips, and vegan cheese on a platter are the hallmarks of those who watch what they eat. The key is to strike a balance with carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Cheese, meat, and deviled eggs for protein and fresh fruit or roasted vegetables for fiber are a win-win situation. Avoid processed or high-sodium meats and opt for grilled, roasted or roasted meats with desi rubs like bacon tea or bitter gourd and green chili sauce. Add seasonal vegetables like carrots or celery, broccoli, bell peppers or cherry tomatoes to brighten the table. Fruits like apples, kiwis, and berries help balance out the tartness of meats and cheeses, while olives and pickled vegetables add a spicy kick. Rathod suggests adding avocado sandwiches, granola bars with Greek yogurt, chia pudding, whole-wheat yeast and beetroot and guacamole. A smoothie poured into a glass jar or shot glass will complete the experience.

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