Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki predicts a brutal market crash and recommends buying silver, bitcoin and even toilet paper. Here are his 10 best tweets of the year.

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  • Robert Kiyosaki warned that a massive market crash, hyperinflation and depression could be imminent.

  • The author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” once suggested buying gold, silver, bitcoin, and even toilet paper.

  • Here are 10 of Kiyosaki’s best tweets so far this year.

Robert Kiyosaki has sounded the alarm about the multi-asset bubble and raised the prospect of an epic market crash, hyperinflation and even a depression. tweets This year.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” author and personal finance guru sees the next recession as an opportunity to snap up bargains, and suggests buying gold, silver, bitcoin, and even household items.

Here are his 10 best tweets of the year, slightly edited for clarity:

1. “WOW: Words of Wisdom. ‘Your profit is earned when you buy, not when you sell.'” ((January 24)

2. “World War 3? Just bought 2,500 American Silver Eagles in 5 green boxes. Why silver? Gold has gone up. Bitcoin is still too high. Silver is 50% below its all-time high. Silver is both an industrial metal , also currency. I buy silver because it is liquid and can be used without government tracking.” (March 7)

3. “Do you have a ‘B’ plan? We’re in the biggest bubble in the history of the world. A bubble in stocks, real estate, commodities, and oil. The future? Could be a depression with hyperinflation. My plan B: become An entrepreneur, away from the stock market, creating his own assets, using debt as money, saving gold, silver, bitcoin, guns.” (March 8)

4. “Biden and the Fed want inflation to pay off trillions of dollars in debt. The best investment is probably to stock up on products you’ll be using all the time, like toilet paper, trash bags, canned food, frozen food, gold, silver, Bitcoin.” (March 14)

5. “Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at Oscars. Biden slaps Putin on world stage. Toxic masculinity. World in trouble. National debt soars. Biden causes inflation And blame Putin. The dollar is about to collapse. Buy more gold, silver, bitcoin, ethereum and pre-WW3 solana.” (March 29)

6. “The Willie Coyote moment is coming. The biggest bubble burst is coming. Baby boomer retirements will be stolen. $10 trillion in fake money spending is over. The government, Wall Street, and the Fed are all thieves. Hyperinflation The depression is here. Buy gold, silver, bitcoin before the economic crisis. Coyote wakes up. Be careful.” (April 16)

7. “Q: What is the most dangerous investment in the global financial crisis? Stocks or bonds? A: Bonds. Sadly, rookie investors follow the rookie advice for a 60 (stock) 40 (bond) portfolio. Buy gold, silver, Bitcoin runs as insurance against idiots Remember: a college degree does not cure stupidity.” (April 18)

8. “All bubbles become all bubbles. Could this be the start of the biggest depression ever? I’m worried. A world of debt and war led by leaders of lies. The good news is that twitter may take ELON’s Proposal. Freedom of speech and truth in the media is the path back to honest global prosperity.” (April 25)

9. “Bitcoin crash. Good news. As stated in previous tweets, I’m waiting for bitcoin to drop to $20,000. Then will wait for a test of the bottom, maybe $17,000. Once I know the bottom is in, I’ll support it Truck. Crashing is the best time to get rich. Take care.” (May 12)

10. “Rich dad said ‘Bull markets make dumb investors look smart. Bear markets turn dumb investors into losers and smart investors into winners.’ The market is crashing. It’s time for smart investors to be very Rich winners. Be careful.” (May 21)

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