‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Warns of Collapse, Touts Bitcoin: Best Tweets

  • “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki predicts a brutal crash in financial markets.
  • This personal finance guru recommends buying bitcoin, gold, and silver ahead of a downturn.
  • Kiyosaki also slammed the Fed and celebrated Reddit traders.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki warned of a devastating market crash, slammed the Fed for devaluing the dollar and repeatedly urged investors to buy gold, silver and bitcoin in tweets over the past 12 months.

The personal finance guru also cheered on Reddit traders, analyzing Warren Buffett’s portfolio adjustments and advising investors to profit when asset prices plummet.

Here are Kiyosaki’s 16 best tweets from the past year, slightly edited for clarity:

1. “The best time to prepare for a crash is before it. The biggest crash in world history is coming. The good news is that the best time to get rich is during a crash. The bad news is that the next crash will be a long one. Get as much gold, silver and bitcoin as you can. Be careful.” — June 28, 2021.

2. “The biggest bubble in the history of the world is getting bigger. The biggest crash in the history of the world is coming. Buy more gold and silver. Wait for Bitcoin to drop to $24,000. Crash is the best time to get rich. Be careful.” — June 19, 2021.

3. “Bitcoin crashed. Good news. I might start buying again when the price hits $27,000. A lot depends on the global macro environment. Remember the problem isn’t gold, silver, or bitcoin. The problem is government incompetence. , the Fed and Wall Street. Remember gold was $300 in 2000.” — May 30, 2021.

4. “The Fed wants inflation to pay off debt in cheaper dollars. The Fed will raise interest rates, causing stocks, bonds, real estate, and gold to crash. The biggest problem is baby boomer retirement. Social Security, Medicare, and America’s bankruptcy. The Fed prints more Lots of fake money. Stick with gold, silver and bitcoin.” — May 17, 2021.

5. “Are you ready? Boom, bust, mania, crash, bust. Market mania today. Get ready for the biggest crash and bust in world history. What will the Fed do? Print more money? Save more Lots of gold, silver and bitcoin.” — April 17, 2021.

6. “Fed and Treasury printed $700 billion after 2008 subprime crisis. Fed and Treasury printed $7 trillion in 2021. Biggest crash in history is coming. Worst investment is FANG Stocks. Anyone who doesn’t buy gold, silver, bitcoin these days is an idiot.” — April 11, 2021.

7. “Anyone who says ‘money can’t make you happy’ is a sick puppy who has never been broke. Money is a drug. It makes people happy. The problem is when the drug goes away, people are unhappy .Buy gold, silver, bitcoin, real money, and stay happy.” — March 21, 2021.

8. “Why do I like gold, silver, bitcoin? Liquidity. People are rushing to buy homes at the top of the housing market. Can’t get out when real estate crashes. Real estate has no liquidity. I own 8,000 rental properties. Crash during buying. 2021 Years, I prefer the liquidity of gold, silver, bitcoin.” — February 20, 2021.

9. “I’m excited about Reddit following the rigged silver market. I’m not at GameStop, but I’m in silver. If you’ve seen me on a Lear Capital TV commercial, I drank silver Kool-Aid in 1964, The year silver coins turned into fake silver. God bless the Reddit traders. — January 30, 2021.

10. “GameStop’s biggest losers are seniors. I love that Reddit kicks hedge funds in the ass. Keep at it. Unfortunately, the biggest losers are hedge fund-managed pension funds. Thank goodness I don’t need a pension. If you’re young , learn to kick Wall Street’s ass and never need a pension.” — January 30, 2021.

11. “Everything is going to crash. The world has been in a bubble since 1987. Everything is crashing now. Gold, silver, bitcoin prices will crash. The dollar will go up. Please be patient. Print a lot of money, Ultimately destroying the dollar. Time to buy more gold, silver, bitcoin.” — October 28, 2020.

12. “Baby boomers had an easy time. Plenty of jobs, low-cost real estate, a rising stock market. Millennials had a tough time. 9/11/2008 housing crash, now Covid-19. Good news . Millennials are tech-savvy. Baby boomers are not. Bitcoin-blockchain-digital currency gives millennials a head start into the future.” — September 9, 2020.

13. “Buffett buys and sells. He sells Coca-Cola, Geico Insurance, Gillette razors. He sells Barrick gold now. His gold was mined at $1,000. Selling for $2,000. Barrick has a lot in the future. Gold to sell. Be smart. How much gold, silver, bitcoin are you going to sell?” — August 22, 2020.

14. “Why Buffett has no banks. Banks go bankrupt. Major banking crises come quickly. Fed and Treasury take over banking system? Fed and Treasury give ‘helicopter fake money’ directly to people to avoid mass unrest? Not now “Thinking” about it.’ How much gold, silver, bitcoin do you have?” — August 21, 2020.

15. “Why do I buy gold, silver, bitcoin? Three words: no counterparty risk. Stocks, bonds, business, real estate all have counterparty risk. Gold, silver, bitcoin are money. They don’t depend on people becoming Money. I own gold, silver and bitcoin in case I need to escape human madness.” — August 17, 2020.

16. “Savers are losers. Cash is junk. Treasury is thieves working for the Fed. Got the news? Central bank’s stated goal is to reduce the value of cash by 2% a year. Please don’t be a loser. Open” — August 12, 2020.

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