Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad, author advises how to benefit from inflation

  • Famed author Robert Kiyosaki recently proposed some measures to benefit from the inflationary situation.
  • He has been speaking out on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and praised the Ukrainian government for standing with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • The author seems to have a positive stance on the cryptocurrency industry, as he included the first and most dominant cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in his tweet.

One of the most inspiring personal finance self-help books, Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki offers some advice and advice on benefiting from inflation.

He recently tweeted advice on how to profit from inflation to his 1.8 million followers. The most important crypto asset Bitcoin is part of his proposal.

He stressed that Biden wants inflation and that he is fighting back his criminality by investing in Texas and North Dakota oil. He further stated that he had just bought a gold mine in Utah, invested in condos in Texas, houses, savings gold, silver, bitcoin and was told to invest like a capitalist.

His book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” was published in 1997 by Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. The book was wildly popular and has been on the bestseller list for over six years. Over 32 million copies have been sold worldwide in over 51 languages.

The author often warns about inflation early on. He criticized President Joe Biden’s administration and the Federal Reserve for hurting the dollar. Last year, he warned of impending depression.

He said something similar in November, when inflation concerns were raised, he was buying more gold, silver, bitcoin, ethereum, rental real estate and oil.

His thoughts on the Russian-Ukrainian war:

Robert Kiyosaki further had some thoughts on the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, and he appeared to praise the Ukrainian government for taking a stance on Russian President Vladimir

He made that point in a tweet last week, saying Putin was in trouble and the Ukrainian president was fighting him. He’s inspiring people to fight back. He further tweeted that Bitcoin defies Putin, let’s go to Bitcoin, let’s go to cryptocurrency to stand up against tyrants and tyranny.

After the war began, the author tweeted several times and expressed his views firmly through his Twitter account.

The Ukrainian government launched an appeal for donations through the asset class last month, and it has been received in large numbers. The cryptocurrency industry played a major role in the war, and Ukraine received huge donations. There are also several crypto entities blocking Russian addresses and users. For example, UpBit, Gopax, and several other exchanges have shown their support for Ukraine by blocking IP addresses from Russia. As the war got worse and the traditional financial system became more difficult to access, the asset class was widely used.

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