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Just recently, American author, economist and retired politician Ron Paul spoke about the growing tensions between China and Taiwan in an interview, and he also spoke about the U.S. economy. Paul insisted that the U.S. economy “will collapse” and further emphasized that “the debt must be paid.”

‘End the Fed’ evangelist Ron Paul says ‘the real world doesn’t run on lies’

2008 former U.S. presidential candidate, Ron Paul, that the U.S. government is out of control. Paul is known for his positions on limited government, Austrian economics, sound money, and anti-war beliefs. Three days ago, the former U.S. representative from Texas detailed how far current President Joe Biden and his administration have moved away from reality.

“As time goes by, the Biden administration is more and more adrift [and] farther from reality,” Paul explain in a tweet. “Politicians are notorious for lying, but when the lie becomes constant, it even starts to lose its ‘validity’. The truth [and] Whoever speaks, becomes a breath of fresh air. The painful economic reality of government spending and Fed inflation is staring at every American. “Paul’s Criticism tweet storm continue:

However, we have been repeatedly told not to [to] Trust our lying eyes – “No Recession”, “0% Inflation” [and] Second is the more reckless government spending bill. The real world is not Washington DC. The real world doesn’t run on lies.

Sound money advocates insist ‘debt must be settled’

These statements come days after the former congressman spoke about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and the tensions between China and Taiwan. The interview was conducted by Kitco News anchor and producer David Lin.

Ron Paul insists US economy 'collapse will come', ex-congressman says reckoning is 'absolutely necessary'
In an interview with Kitco News, Paul warned that the U.S. economy would inevitably collapse.

Paul also spoke about the U.S. economy, sharing a similar view with Peter Schiff, who spoke with Kitco news anchors on the same day about the demise of the dollar. During the conversation, Paul criticized the Reducing Inflation Act, which he believes will do nothing.

“The only way [the federal] The debt will be liquidated, which is absolutely necessary for a period of time to get the markets working again…it’s through inflation,” Paul told Lin. “The collapse will come eventually…the debt has to be preference is [for the U.S. government] Stop spending. Balance your budget. Don’t accumulate more debt. But politically, with a little time in Washington, that’s not going to happen. Paul added:

I’m talking about the inevitable collapse of the economy because we can’t afford it, and it’s going to happen soon. The debt is there, and we’re not going to pay it off in a normal, honorable, moral way. We will continue until the market wins – there has to be a default, and a default comes from printing money to pay the bills.

Paul thinks he knows the solution, but ‘politically, no one will allow it’

In addition to Schiff, Paul, like many investors, analysts and economists, expects doom and gloom for the U.S. economy. Billionaire investor Bill Ackman believes that if the Federal Reserve does not continue to aggressively raise interest rates, the stock market could collapse and trigger an economic collapse. Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki has repeatedly warned that rising inflation could lead to a “Great Depression.” Ricardo Salinas Priego, Mexico’s third-richest billionaire, recently explained that the United States could experience severe inflation. In addition, Russia, China and the BRICS countries are believed to be targeting dollar hegemony as the five countries plan to create a new international reserve currency.

Paul said he didn’t know when the economic collapse was going to happen, and said “we don’t know what contingencies are going to happen.” Still, the former congressman said, “It’s just getting started.” “There are middle classes and poor people now, The poor are on the streets and the middle class can’t pay their bills,” Paul emphasized in the interview. He concluded the interview by pointing out that there is a solution, and the American bureaucracy will have to operate in the exact opposite way that it does today. Paul further argues:

Politically, no one will allow… all they should do is take all our troops home, give up the welfare state, and turn us into a republic without spending any money.

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