Some kind of joy to be found in the pain of these brutal money pushers

‘I think about you less than I think about climate change,’ a colleague tells Harper Stern in new season industry, HBO’s London-based Sharp Sharp series about the combative, cocaine-fueled arena of international banking. The insult sheds light on the show’s environment, as does Harper’s ostracized junior banker, who has been using Covid as an excuse not to show up at the sales floor.

In fact, Harper (Myha’la Herrold), who works at the fictional investment firm Pierpoint, is avoiding the fallout of the icy double-crossover she performed at the end of season one, which saw a progressive female mentor fired in favor of Eri Gram, a company man who thrives in an abusive workplace culture. By contrast, Harper finds the performance ruthless, while Herold works tirelessly to bring the college dropout’s humanity to an unexpected reveal. Sometimes she even cried.

first series industry Premiered during a pandemic, when the world it portrayed was largely shut down. Season two kicked off a few months after most bankers dragged their Bloomberg terminals back to their offices.Harper staying in hotel after fight with roommate, Vulnerable foreign exchange trader Yasmin (Marisa Abela) also survived last season’s big elimination of the graduating class. To make matters worse, her perky boss Eric – a scene-stealing Ken Leung – appears determined to cut Harper’s size after last year’s intrigue.

However, in most cases, industry It’s the same show that came out for the first time, with the same fun and pitfalls. Conversations are full of financial jargon that can sometimes become difficult to explain. The bass of a synthetic soundtrack can destroy an office glass wall. There are some new actors threatening the existing dynamic, including Alex Alomar Akpobome (for all mankind) as Danny, a corny American banker who just arrived at the London office, and a welcome change from mumblecore filmmaker and actor Jay Duplass, whose indifferent newcomer mercifully rejects the trading floor full of The fast pace of hostility.

There is also a new challenge. The move to remote work shows headquarters how much money can be made by streamlining a business; Pierpoint London or Pierpoint New York will soon replace the other. This existential threat further flooded the competitive waters where Harper had already drowned. The only life raft is for the company to make more money.

Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, the former bankers who created the series, are good at conversations and happy to embarrass themselves with their inventions. When Danny was introduced as “from New York,” he cheekily added, “via New Haven.”Oh how cringe I heard the great gatsbyYale’s infamous metonymy was unabashedly re-used in the office pee contest.

But the main joy of the show is making a ton of money seem as relentlessly miserable as we all secretly hope. If you found something to love in the bleak worldview and fast pace of season one, you’ll be happy to follow Harper back to the office.

‘Industry’ season two is now streaming on HBO in the US, a UK version has yet to be announced

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