Sophia Carson defends ‘Purple Heart’ for Netflix’s military propaganda Rom-Com amid backlash

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Late last month, Netflix fell purple hearta nice movie more like a horror movie Than rom-com the way it’s marketed. The premise is simple and scary: Casey, an aspiring singer-songwriter and current bartender battling diabetes, can’t afford insulin, and Luke, who struggles with substances before becoming a Marine, also has money problems. The two, whose political views are vastly different, initially dislike each other, but still collude into a fake marriage that would solve both of their problems, enrolling Cassie on a military health insurance plan and giving Luke the financial benefits of the marriage. As you might have guessed, the way true enemies do to lovers, they end up, ~accidentally~ falling in love, though.

name purple heart A neat pun in itself, referring to the fusion of their “blue” and “red” politics – Casey is a liberal feminist, and Luke is, um, the one who is shipping to help kill Iraq people of the people. Once he asked Cassie, “What the hell do you want us to do – go there and teach them pronouns?”

purple heart Has been a hugely popular movie, probably due to its undeniable appeal. At various points in time, it topped Netflix’s most-watched movies list and remained in the top 10 for streaming in the weeks following its July 29 release. But it also caused some predictable backlash, with Sophia Carson, the actor who played Cassie, finally responding all weekend. How does Netflix really predict the reaction, a film that blatantly romanticizes the U.S. military occupation of Iraq, or even the violently privatized U.S. health care system?

The backlash centered on a specific line in the film, in which one of Luke’s Marines toasts “the hunt for some damn Arabs.” The line itself seems to represent the US military very accurately – I think the real problem is that the film implicitly and explicitly justifies a military presence in Iraq that somehow protects the US, not just is eating away Colonial Behavior 101 $1 trillion in federal funding, while children school lunch debt.

in the most recent interview and type, Carson praised the film for showing that love can bridge political divides, which seemed like a very clean way to refer to traveling overseas to kill fellow citizens for no reason. “It’s two hearts, a red heart, a blue heart, two worlds apart, and they really grow up hating each other,” Carson said. She continued:

Through the power of love, they learned to lead with empathy and compassion, to love each other, and to become this beautiful purple. We want to represent both parties as accurately as possible. I think what I learned to do as an artist is to separate myself from all that and just listen to how the world feels and reacts to the film.

Director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum also said: “I want people to understand that in order for characters to grow, they need to be flawed from the start. So we very intentionally created two born with Characters who hate each other.” Of Cassie and Luke, she added: “They were flawed to begin with, and that was intentional. In order for the red and blue hearts to be purple, you had to make them extreme. Some around them People are more flawed than they are.”

Both sides – America’s military occupation of black and brown countries is… an option. The film is filled with Casey and Luke’s brain teasers about the typical left-versus-right debate that always ends up seeing the military as a benevolent, necessary force to save American lives. At home, meanwhile, the poor seem to die more often because they, like Cassie, can’t afford insulin, not because of any foreign threat posed by the dreaded people of color.

as a vulture put it, purple heart Essentially “porridge-consistency centrism as a true path to love” – ​​we can all only agree to disagree on petty things, like Luke and Cassie set aside their As with the nuanced differences in gender rights, I think other things, like whether someone with a womb is a human being.why should not An ostensibly feminist woman was able to fall in love with a US Marine, his friend Suggest In the military, men have the right to casual sexual assault, subjecting us to things like, “We’re enough to fight your ass, but not enough to touch it?” Ion the one hand, I fainted!

Ultimately, the two fall in love because in real life, the bar is in hell and Luke is vulnerable and human in every way. Their love shaped their politics: Casey, especially living in the US instead of Iraq, started embracing the military, and we were led to believe that Luke made some changes as well, maybe even starting to respect pronouns!In many ways, the film is inadvertently very accurate – massive liberal feminist Women end up with Republicansusually because their initial beliefs were not that strong, or they lacked a personal interest in issues such as U.S. imperialism.

The reaction to this movie is what you would media users are question How to Describe “The Death of 1.2 Million Iraqis” as a “Romantic Comedy”.also been Call “Straightforward military propaganda” that will “a [Latina] Converting her faith just to be with a white military racist. “

Carson and Rosenbaum’s latest joint interview on the film, Netflix — and financially struggle Pay Dave Chappelle’s Streamer $24 million Bullying transgender people amid the storm Anti-Transgender Political Assault– Seems to be in damage control mode, but I just keep coming back to the question of how they expect the movie to be received. We live in an age of near-unprecedented violence, between routine state violence in the United States in the form of racist killings by police; abortion bans ravaging health systems; hard-to-access life-saving drugs; and, of course, Nearly 1 million people lost their lives In Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Pakistan since 9/11. But, one thing’s for sure: let’s make a movie about how an unlikely love story between two hotshots bridges all the divisions these crises have created.


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